6 Property Security Tips for a Safer Community

Nov 30, 2022

Did you know most residents consistently say security is an important factor when considering where to live?

Urban areas are the most in demand for condo and co-op properties, but they are also the most crime-prone. Fortunately, there are many ways property managers can help their residents feel safe in their community. Security systems, robust property management tools, and property safety policies help ensure your property is a secure living environment for your residents.

How to Create a Safer Community

As you plan out your property management security services, consider the following condo security tips.

  1. Foster resident engagement

    The presence of familiar neighbors can create a sense of safety. To start, help foster engagement between your residents by hosting regular events. Create digital bulletin boards for residents to share information with each other, whether they want to sell baby toys or inform neighbors about new apartment security tips. In addition, encourage staff to get to know the residents they are hired to assist so that residents know who they can turn to with questions.

  2. Keep up on maintenance

    One of the best ways to support safe property management is by keeping up with maintenance tasks, especially in communal areas where lots of people access amenities or residents run into people they don’t know. Have tools in place for residents to report maintenance issues, and management to automatically schedule recurring tasks for preventative maintenance. 

    The beauty of a well-maintained property is that you don’t have to advertise it as a safe space. The working gates, lights, and cameras will do it for you, and you can rest assured your residents will feel safe.

  3. Install surveillance cameras

    The main areas you’ll want to install video surveillance are within shared amenities like pools, lounges, parking garages, and stairwells since these areas tend to have activity outside of normal hours. Carefully weigh resident privacy concerns with security and have open discussions with your Board about the pros and cons of cameras in common areas, like a pool area or fitness center, Make sure there are cameras in common hallways and elevators so residents feel secure in every space outside of their individual unit. Let residents know where cameras are so they’re informed about your overall resident-friendly security system. Also ensure you have the appropriate signage posted in areas where cameras are present, letting residents and guests know the area is under surveillance.

  4. Monitor visitors

    Have tools and processes in place to manage visitors and vendors. Your property management security services should include a way to have visitors sign in and be issued badges, so everyone can recognize authorized visitors. These tools will also keep a record of everyone who has visited the property. Residents should be able to give written instructions for authorized guests that staff can refer to.

  5. Report suspicious activity

    These condo security tips will be most effective if you encourage residents to participate in security measures. Empower residents to take action if they have any concerns or complaints about crime, and ensure they have a way to report suspicious activity through an easy-to-use platform, especially one they already use for other building activities so they know where and when they can access it. Then, provide managers and on-site staff with a straightforward way to receive, track, and correspond with residents about those reports. 

    As new residents move in, provide them with individual building security tips. One way to help residents feel secure is to have plans in place in the unlikely event of theft or vandalism. Make sure residents know how to secure unit doors, balconies, and windows.

  6. Hire security
    Hiring a security team is a guaranteed step in ensuring residents feel safe on your property. While there will be many factors to consider when choosing the right security partner, know that many residents will be willing to pay higher assessments for the peace of mind a security patrol would bring.

How BuildingLink supports property safety

When considering which amenities will have the biggest impact for your residents, keep these condo security tips at the top of your list. The good news is that with the right tools in place, you can streamline the tasks and operations that will help residents feel secure. 

Build on your property safety efforts with BuildingLink. This property management software comes with all the tools you need to streamline operations for your property and manage the features you need for condominium, co-op and HOA security, including a central hub for security and onsite staff to report incidents and keep track of daily activity on the property.

With intuitive access for residents to connect with your staff or each other, our secure key management solution called KeyLink, and visitor monitoring, BuildingLink will give you one place to manage what you need to keep your residents safe. 

Talk with us to learn more about the importance of keeping your community safe and how BuildingLink can help.

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