How to Use Digital Bulletin Boards to Communicate with Residents

Nov 30, 2022

The days of physical bulletin boards have passed. In fact, Forbes recently reported that Millennials don’t respond to printed ads. Known as “digital natives,” this generation communicates more with digital devices than any other way. They’ll walk right past a bulletin board with announcements stapled to it, but if you flash it on a screen, they’re far more likely to engage.

Here’s where a digital bulletin board steps in. 

The digital signage and communication market is growing faster than ever. Not just for retail: education, healthcare, and housing are implementing digital signage to boost their communication and return on investment. 

Your residents are engaging in this digital world and expect it within their residential communities, too. If you’re on the fence about moving towards a digital bulletin board, jump off now and reap the benefits.

Why Use a Digital Bulletin Board?

Going digital is helpful for you, your residents, and the environment. While the list of benefits could be never ending, here are five ways switching to a digital communication platform will help you and your residents:

  1. Eco-friendly solution

    Choosing a digital platform for announcements and communication significantly reduces the need for printing. 

    Think about how often you print calendars, announcements, and alerts to display on your physical bulletin board. Your residents expect you to do your part, too. 

    Millennials and Gen Z care more about sustainability and eco-friendliness than any other generation. One study reported that 75 percent of Millennials have changed their own habits to be more earth friendly — and they expect the companies they work with to do the same.

  2. Added visibility

    Ensure that important information is always visible. By placing a digital bulletin board in a heavily trafficked area, residents will always be updated with the latest news. Place boards in prominent locations, such as mailrooms, lobbys, and recreation centers..

  3. Cost-effective

    The monthly cost of office supplies varies depending on the size of the business, but if your office has between one and four employees, you can expect to spend around $80 a month on paper and other supplies. Add that up, and over the course of a year, you’re sinking a lot of costs into paper announcements. Especially if you post them door to door. 

    A digital bulletin board will save you money in the long run, cutting down on paper, ink, and other printing costs. You’ll also save on logistics and storage costs, while still displaying high-quality content, graphics, and interactive media. 

    While the overhead cost might seem like a lot, it should just be a one-time purchase. Give your employees a day or two to learn the software, and then it’s easy to update, change, and schedule announcements without having to remember to put them up on a certain day.

  4. Flexible and easy

    Choosing digital communication also means you’re choosing unlimited options for display. You can decide whether your graphics and images are still or moving and have an unlimited amount of content.

    The flexibility of a digital bulletin board allows you to communicate things like:

    • On-the-fly updates for your residents
    • Preschedule announcements, welcome communications, or seasonal activities and alerts
    • Birthdays, employee or resident spotlights, and introductions to management
    • Community news, local news, national news, and global news
    • Sports and weather updates
  5. Attractive and appealing

    Your residents care about what your communication looks like. Choosing the right software can make digital bulletin boards not only easy, but also visually appealing. 

    Change the look to match the seasons or holidays — or perhaps the local sports team — and you’ll capture your resident’s attention faster than ever. Millenials and Gen Z residents want to consume content fast. They want it to be appealing and cutting edge. And they want to share it. Include a QR code on your bulletin board, and they’ll engage even longer, sharing across social media.

Engage Your Residents with BuildingLink

Setting up a digital bulletin board is faster and easier than you think. Choosing the right software will make the learning process so much easier and you and your employees will be proficient in no time. BuildingLink has you covered. 

Improve your resident’s experience today by switching to a digital bulletin board through a trusted expert. With years of experience, BuildingLink will help you provide a superior experience, streamline your communication, and gain you more visibility than ever before. 

Contact us to learn more today.


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