5 Ways to Simplify Property Maintenance with BuildingLink

Feb 16, 2023

Between overseeing your front desk operations and fielding resident questions, maintenance is key to successful property management. Your HVAC and plumbing systems, elevators, swimming pools, and all your other components need to be maintained; otherwise you run the risk of avoidable catastrophic damage, liability for personal injury, and costly repairs. Add daily resident maintenance requests and it’s easy to see how essential tasks can fall through the cracks.

If you feel like you're falling behind on managing your property's maintenance operations, BuildingLink is here to help. Instead of losing maintenance records and inspection reports within stacks of paper records or hard-to-use software, our property management solution empowers you to track projects and keep your residents informed of the status of their requests.

Knowledge is power, but staying organized will save you money. Here’s how you can simplify your property maintenance with BuildingLink.

Efficiently Track Maintenance Requests & Deliver an Enhanced Resident Experience

When it comes to responding to resident maintenance requests, timing is everything. Taking too long to address problems, or failing to communicate project status can negatively impact resident satisfaction levels. With our Maintenance Request & Work Order module, your residents can create work orders via the BuildingLink resident mobile app or web portal, which they can check for status updates at any time. Your management team and maintenance staff can track these requests, carry out the required repairs, and add notes or change the task status while work is ongoing. These tasks can be sorted by unit number, common element, or equipment type, and work orders can be converted into PDFs for use by external vendors. 

With full visibility for residents and your maintenance team, you’ll never miss a maintenance request again.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance In Advance

One of the most challenging aspects of property management is staying on top of your routine maintenance, especially if you’re manually tracking service schedules or equipment inventory. Use BuildingLink and you can assign recurring maintenance tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis and you won’t have to worry about constant follow-ups or critical items not being addressed. Our system provides accessible insights and project timelines for your management team and staff, as well as delivering all necessary information to keep outside vendors and contractors on track. 

Preventative maintenance should not be difficult. With BuildingLink, you’ll have the insights you need to manage your property’s routine maintenance effectively. 

View Equipment Details When You Need Them

Imagine having all your equipment warranties, service history, manufacturer specifications, and other equipment details available within a few clicks of a mouse. BuildingLink brings all this information into one database that you can easily access at any time. Additionally, our inventory tracking takes all the guesswork out of monitoring essential items on hand such as toilet paper, light bulbs, paint, and janitorial products. You can even measure usage and generate notifications when you run low on supplies so that you never run out of important stock again.

Upload Inspection Reports Quickly & Easily

Routine inspections are your first line of defense against costly repairs and avoidable problems. However, organizing and reviewing inspection reports can be more time-consuming than you can afford. BuildingLink can make this process far more efficient. Your maintenance team can conduct inspections, upload photos, and create work orders onsite via the staff mobile app or on the web portal, removing the need for extensive note-taking and manually typing up lengthy reports. 

Every aspect of this process is connected within BuildingLink. Your management team and staff will receive a notification once an inspection is completed, and reports are saved in a database searchable by date, time, and team member. If repairs are needed, a new work order can be created within our platform so you can source the parts required or hire a contractor if necessary, all while monitoring project status and ensuring the task remains on track.

Beyond the convenience of mobile inspections and the interconnectivity with other functions of our software, we also offer pre-built inspection checklists and the ability to create your own. 

Automate Maintenance With Our Smart Home Integrations

Harnessing the power of smart home technology can make your property management operations more effective. Our integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Ecobee can save you time while also improving your resident experience. For example, the Ecobee – BuildingLink integration automatically creates maintenance tickets when thermostats require attention, so your residents don’t have to create their own work orders. Your residents can also use Google Home and Amazon Alexa to ask about the status of their maintenance requests, saving your front-office team time on fielding phone calls and manually creating work orders. 

Learn about our smart home integrations here.

About BuildingLink

Trusted by HOAs, co-ops, condominiums, and multifamily properties around the globe, BuildingLink helps property managers deliver superior resident experiences while streamlining maintenance and operations. Along with our maintenance solutions, we offer tools that will simplify your record-keeping and administration, communications, and front desk and staff operations. 

When you’re ready to run your building better, smarter, and faster, book your BuildingLink demo today.

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