BuildingLink Employee Spotlight | Emily Hart

May 1, 2024

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of BuildingLink, where we feature the outstanding employees who make our company thrive. This month, we’re focusing on Emily Hart, a key member of our Professional Services team, whose project management skills and passion for continuous learning have not only propelled our products forward but also significantly enhanced our user experience.


Orchestrating Success: Emily's Journey as a Project Manager

As a project manager at BuildingLink, Emily orchestrates a complex variety of projects, meetings, and different teams each day. “Most of the projects I focus on revolve around BuildingLink’s products,” she says, “so that means in my day-to-day,  I gather together fellow team members to solve complex operational challenges and set up new processes to support high-level initiatives!” These initiatives are crucial to BuildingLink’s mission of providing superior software solutions that improve resident communication, enhance operations, and strengthen community relationships. 

One of Emily’s proudest accomplishments has been the launch of BuildingLink’s newly designed Help Site. “I was able to work with so many people at BuildingLink to review and update the Help Site,” she says, “and I’m so proud of the value it has provided to users.”

Currently, Emily is working on the implementation of BuildingLink Payments to their platform. This has required partnership relationship management, internal operational process creation, and has been a major focus of the company for the last six months. Emily is excited that the project is set to make a “really big positive impact” for users. “BuildingLink Payments will provide our users with an amazing new feature that’s easy-to-use,” she shares. “I love seeing the tangible result!”

Continuous Learning: Emily’s Approach to Project Management and Personal Growth

Emily defines success in her role by keeping projects on track, maintaining team alignment, and ensuring seamless task completions. “As a Project Manager,” she shares, “it’s important to keep a high-level perspective. It’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds but trusting team members to do what they do best helps the overall success of the project.” Emily also shares that continuous learning has come with the territory of working for a smaller company. “It’s allowed me to get my hands dirty with a lot of different projects and areas that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.” 

When it comes to project planning, Emily shares that she loves automation of all kinds. “If I can automate any part of the project planning process, I do!” This coincides with her appreciation for the company value of “Always be learning,” which particularly resonates with her and is mirrored by her daily contributions. “My project team learns every single day when building a new product with an external team,” she says. “We remind ourselves often that software development is iterative—we welcome positive challenges and document our lessons learned.” In addition, Emily describes her team as “some of the most creative problem solvers'' she's ever seen, highlighting the importance of a collaborative environment where creativity and teamwork come together for success.

Outside of her duties as a Project Manager, Emily loves running and being outside. “I have a lot of hobbies but one that always stays true is my love of running. I’ve recently gotten into trail running actually and that has been a ton of fun lately!”

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