Employee Spotlight: Abby Murphy on Crafting Exceptional Customer Experiences

Nov 28, 2023

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of BuildingLink, where exceptional customer experiences are crafted every day. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on Abby Murphy, a Customer Experience Associate who has been an integral part of our team for two exciting years. 

Abby Murphy Employee Spotlight

BuildingLink’s Customer Support: The Gold Standard

Abby’s journey with BuildingLink began when she immediately connected with the team on a personal level. “While it had been four years since I was part of a Support organization,” she recalls, “I felt an instant connection and then was sold when I started training and learned their approach to working with customers.”

Since then, Abby’s blend of expertise and enthusiasm has been pivotal in upholding our gold standard. She emphasizes BuildingLink’s unparalleled accessibility and customer-first mindset. Unlike other companies, BuildingLink encourages all customers to reach out with ease and promises one-on-one assistance without frustrating waits. “As a Customer-first company and as a testament to our dedication,” she says, “We staff appropriately so that when customers contact us, they don’t need to wait to get live assistance. We also operate beyond standard hours, offering support on holidays and in various time zones so no matter when or where our customers need us, we’re there to provide the assistance they need. Our team understands that our customers are juggling a slew of responsibilities onsite, which is why we ensure quick and efficient solutions.”

On top of that, the support team, as Abby passionately describes, adapts to each customer so every action is personalized. “If someone is talkative and wants to chat about non-BL things as well on the call, we’re happy to talk! If a caller is high energy, we’ll be high energy as well.” She adds, “Maybe someone has time constraints and we’ll be sensitive to that. It’s all about being respectful of the customer’s wants and needs of the call."

Pioneering Customer Support Behind the Scenes

By viewing support not just as a service but as a core competency, BuildingLink is pioneering a new standard of customer support in the industry. As a result, our customers aren’t just our customers; they’re our partners and advocates. Abby proudly shares how the team promotes personality and rapport-building in every interaction. “As a customer,” she says, “there’s a sense of vulnerability when you need help and need to reach out to someone. For example, if a customer gets locked out, they’d need immediate help to be able to keep serving their residents. Our goal is to establish trust and create a space where each customer feels heard and valued.”

In addition to building rapport, another core component of BuildingLink’s customer support strategy is gathering customer feedback. Abby shares that when there are features that don’t fully support our customers’ needs, whether it’s by design or because a feature needs to be added, the support team submits this to the product team for their review. There is an official tracked process for each submission. Abby shares, “We believe our customers know our product the best and we aren’t shy to share that belief with them.”

Lasting Customer Relationships

Abby cherishes the personal connections that she’s made with customers, reveling in the joy of catching up on past conversations or remembering their unique communication styles. She adds, “Just as much as we remember our customers, they remember us and will ask about how we’re doing.” Many will ask about Abby’s life in the Bay Area, where, outside of work, she indulges in her passion for cooking and hosts a themed dinner with friends nearly every week. Her love for wine, rooted in her upbringing in the Willamette Valley, fuels her dreams to dive into the wine industry after retirement, either by owning a shop or working in winemaking.

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