Leadership Feature: Navigating Change and Innovation in BuildingLink’s Financial Landscape with Noel Ortiz

Dec 22, 2023

Welcome to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at BuildingLink, a pioneer in proptech that has continuously paved the way in industry innovation for over two decades. This month, in our new Leadership Feature series, we’re shining a spotlight on Noel Ortiz, BuildingLink’s Financial Controller.

Noel’s Beginnings at BuildingLink

Noel’s journey with BuildingLink began in August of 2015, more than “eight fruitful years ago,” he says. At the time, Noel was teaching but for the past ten years and had been taking on QuickBooks contract work for small businesses on the side. Then, after receiving his second college degree, this time in Accounting, Noel got his big break at BuildingLink. “It’s been an incredible journey,” he says. “From handling bookkeeping, A/P, HR, benefits, and payroll to all aspects of accounting and reporting, I’ve been able to grow in my responsibilities and confidence. Now as Financial Controller, I oversee the entire accounting team.” 

Noel’s Leadership Style

As the leader of BuildingLink's accounting team, Noel embodies a style that is both inclusive and hands-on. He takes pride in his team’s work ethic and support for one another, sharing, “We’re a very lean team, each with their own field of expertise. But at the same time, everyone is making sure that they are able to help others in whatever way they can.” 

Noel’s team building approach is marked by his philosophy of 'leading by doing.' He believes in fully understanding processes himself to effectively guide his team. For example, during the migration to NetSuite, he took on the role of project point person and NetSuite admin. By immersing himself in the system, he could provide clear, informed guidance to his team. “I always assured everyone that although this may be a new way of doing things, we will go through this together and no one will be left behind," he says. This approach ensures that every team member feels included and valued, fostering a cohesive and innovative team environment.

Building BuildingLink’s Financial Systems

Out of BuildingLink’s company values, the one that is most relevant to Noel is, “Always be learning.” Noel reflects that throughout his time at BuildingLink, he’s been able to expand his horizons and innovate the company’s accounting practices. “Like with most small businesses in the country, it started with QuickBooks. When we started having several thousand customers, our founder, Jerry, complemented it with a homegrown SQL application to handle renewals in 2015.” Then, after adding BamBooHR/TraxPR, Bill.com, and Divvy, the team is migrating to NetSuite Oneworld with SuiteBilling. “Eventually, we’ll be integrating that with Salesforce,” Noel adds. By adopting advanced, integrated systems, Noel has led the charge in ensuring more seamless and responsive services, reinforcing BuildingLink’s commitment to providing superior customer support.

From applying his previous MS Access knowledge to create their in-house HRIS or using Power BI to slice and dice their biggest expenses, Noel shares that he “loves working with financial systems and getting things connected so as to create efficiencies.” This is where his predictions for accounting in 2024 lie: “I think we’ll see more automation and integration. AI will definitely impact us a lot and make us work smarter.” Noel’s vision for the next year aligns with BuildingLink’s ethos of not just adapting to changes in the industry but actively leading the way through innovative practices and advanced technologies.

Outside of BuildingLink

Outside the realm of finance, Noel's interests are as varied and intriguing as his professional life. He once led a church choir, has a knack for tinkering with electronics and computer hardware, and loves to drive all vehicles, from tractors to 6x6 trucks. He shares a memorable tale from one of his adventures driving an SUV with a leaking radiator, which led to a humorous misunderstanding among the local villagers. “They would see me fill up the SUV with water, so they thought it didn’t use gasoline!” Noel’s diverse passions not only add a vibrant dimension to his role at BuildingLink but also reflect the innovative spirit that he helps foster within the company.

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