How to Create a Welcome Packet for Multifamily Communities

May 15, 2024

Welcome packets are a vital tool in setting the tone for a new resident's experience. They not only serve as a resource for essential information but also demonstrate the onsite team’s commitment to resident satisfaction and community building. In this blog, we guide you through creating an engaging and informative welcome packet that will make your new residents feel right at home from day one.

What is a welcome packet?

A welcome packet is a collection of information and resources provided to new residents, designed to introduce them to their new home and community. It typically includes essential details about the property, community rules, contact information, and guides to local amenities and services. The goal of a welcome packet is to ensure residents feel informed, welcomed, and comfortable in their new environment. By offering a comprehensive overview of what to expect and how to navigate their new living situation, the welcome packet acts as a bridge between residents and property management, fostering a sense of belonging and community right from the start.

“A well-crafted welcome packet really boosts how residents see the property management team. It's a perfect chance to show off what makes the community special and gets new folks excited to explore and get involved. Including maps, local guides, emergency info, and event details makes everyone feel like they belong and encourages them to join in on community life. It's a smart move that builds a strong, active community vibe.” -Nicholas Gill, Director of Sales 

What are the essential components of a welcome packet?

The cornerstone of a successful welcome packet lies in its content. The following list outlines the essential components that should be included to ensure that every new resident has all the necessary information and feels warmly welcomed into their new community:

  • Contact Information: Include a detailed list of contacts for the property management team, maintenance crew, and any after-hours services.
  • Community Guidelines: Clearly outline the community’s guidelines to prevent any misunderstandings and ensure a harmonious living environment. 
  • Amenities Guide: Provide information on how to access and utilize the property’s amenities, such as a tool like BuildingLink’s Amenity Reservations.
  • Neighborhood Guide: Help new residents acclimate by providing a guide to the local area, including shops, restaurants, emergency services, and entertainment options.
  • Emergency Procedures: Ensure residents feel well-informed by detailing emergency protocols and including important emergency contact numbers.

Be sure to include these fundamental elements of a welcome packet, ensuring new residents receive all necessary information for a comfortable and informed start in their new home.

How can property managers add value to welcome packets?

While the basics cover immediate needs, there's ample opportunity for onsite teams to go above and beyond, creating an even more memorable welcome experience. Here's how you can add value to your welcome packets and make new residents feel truly special and valued from the moment they move in:

  • Coupons and Discounts: Partner with local businesses to offer discounts exclusive to your residents, encouraging them to explore their new community.
  • Community Events Calendar: Integrate into the community by providing a calendar of upcoming events and activities within the property or neighborhood.
  • Introduction to Property Management Platform: Familiarize new residents with the community's property management platform by providing a detailed guide on how to use it effectively. For example, explain how residents can submit maintenance requests, pay rent, communicate with property management, reserve amenities, and access important documents like lease agreements or community guidelines. 

By implementing these ideas into your welcome packet, you can transform a standard tool into a memorable and delightful experience for new residents. 

How BuildingLink can help property managers better welcome residents

Creating and distributing welcome packets efficiently requires a strong organizational approach. However, property managers can streamline this process significantly by using an effective property management platform.

Discover the innovative software solutions that BuildingLink has to offer:

  • Document Library: Store all necessary documents for the welcome packet, including community guidelines, local neighborhood maps, and emergency procedures ensuring easy and consistent access for all residents.
  • Event Calendar: Use BuildingLink’s calendar to inform new residents about upcoming community events and important dates, helping them integrate into the community more smoothly.
  • Email Templates & Distribution: Employ this feature to send out welcome packets, enhancing communication and engagement. You can even create a design template to streamline the process. 
  • Vehicle Management: Use this tool to seamlessly manage resident vehicle details and assign parking spots to units. 
  • Integrations: A robust solution like BuildingLink offers a number of integrations, such as package management and payment solutions, so your onsite team saves both time and resources while improving the resident experience. 

Partner with BuildingLink

Trusted by multifamily properties, HOAs, co-ops, and condominiums around the globe, BuildingLink helps property managers deliver superior resident experiences while streamlining maintenance and operations. We offer tools that will simplify your record-keeping and administration, communications, maintenance, and front desk and staff operations. 

When you’re ready to run your community better, smarter, and faster, book your BuildingLink demo today.

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