Three Companies with Streamlined Property Management Operations

Mar 20, 2023

At BuildingLink, we understand how important it is to run efficient property management operations. Companies with smoother operations can better allocate their resources and reduce risk, maximizing their ROI with improved productivity.

That’s why we’re celebrating three companies who have successfully streamlined their operations and driven real business results.

1. Orsid Realty Corp

“Whenever I start to manage a new property, the first thing I look for is BuildingLink. If the property doesn’t have it, we make sure to show them the features and benefits, and once installed, everyone agrees that BuildingLink is something they can’t live without. In this industry where there are so many differing opinions in each community association, one thing that everyone agrees on is the value that BuildingLink brings.” - Susan Fitzpatrick, Vice President at Orsid Realty Corp

Orsid Realty Corp was facing challenges in communicating effectively with residents and managing their daily operations. Employees called residents every time packages, groceries, or dry cleaning was delivered. They also had to reach out to residents every time they needed updated information or a specific document. 

Orsid Realty Corp quickly realized they needed a comprehensive property management software, one that was a one-stop-shop solution for all their management and communication needs. That’s when they turned to BuildingLink.

With BuildingLink, Orsid has been able to communicate seamlessly with residents. Now, instead of employees calling residents every time a package is delivered, residents receive automated emails, allowing employee duties to be directed towards more important functions. BuildingLink has also enhanced the community harmony by allowing residents to communicate with each other via the platform, granted they elect to do so in their settings.

BuildingLink has also provided a huge lift in efficiency to Orsid’s property operations. The Library feature allows residents to access documents and information they need, with varying levels of permissions. This feature also allows for the easy tracking of important documents, such as insurance certificates, gym memberships, and storage rentals. BuildingLink also allows employees to attend to work orders and build analytical reports on where they spend their time on repairs. 

2. Ocean Club Panama

The property manager of Ocean Club Panama was facing challenges in managing their personnel on duty, keeping records of residents and units, tracking key delivery, and managing amenity reservations. They needed a comprehensive solution that would streamline their operations and improve efficiency, so they turned to BuildingLink for the following tools:

  • Time Tracking: This feature supports their operations by monitoring both the personnel on duty and from external providers not on their payroll platform.
  • Resident & Unit Directory: With such a large building, the simple fact of being able to reactivate a deactivated profile or standardize profile creation keeps their data updated and accessible.
  • KeyLink: KeyLink, which allows key delivery in just seconds, has helped Ocean Club Panama reduce human errors in key delivery by 95%. It also saves their customers time and keeps a detailed log. 
  • Amenity Reservations: This tool allows the staff to manage amenities for a large number of residents. Their concierge staff can manage elevator bookings and their gym staff can manage equipment. In addition, the ability to pull data and reports on the building calendar helps different departments communicate better, ultimately providing a better resident experience.

3. The Metropolitan, Worth Ross Management Co.:

“The dashboard is my favorite because it serves as a ‘one stop shop hub’ to better assist the residents. BuildingLink is heaven-sent.” - Myron Robinson, Assistant General Manager of The Metropolitan, Worth Ross Management Co.

The Metropolitan needed help improving their operations by streamlining their preventative maintenance program, centralizing resident documents, and enabling efficient communication with residents. 

Before BuildingLink, The Metropolitan used various systems and relied on human memory to complete tasks, resulting in errors and inconsistencies. But with BuildingLink’s maintenance solutions, they now use recurring work orders to identify their preventative maintenance items every month, ensuring that all areas of the building are properly and consistently maintained. With just one report, they’re now able to address all of the maintenance topics for the day!

The company also needed a solution to centralize resident documents to provide personalized and superior service to residents. Using BuildingLink to put all of the necessary information into one dashboard, the Assistant General Manager can now better assist residents with special requests and communicate with the rest of the staff. 

Partner With BuildingLink 

Create a thriving and successful community that meets the needs of tenants and owners with streamlined operations and maximized profits. 

Trusted by HOAs, co-ops, condominiums, and multifamily properties around the globe, BuildingLink helps property managers deliver superior resident experiences while streamlining maintenance and operations. We offer tools that will simplify your record-keeping and administration, communications, maintenance, and front desk and staff operations. 

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