BuildingLink: Your Partner in Prepping for the 2024 Hurricane Season

Jun 4, 2024

Hurricane season 2024 is here, and early predictions indicate it could be one of the most active in recent memory. With forecasters anticipating a near-record number of storms in the Atlantic, the importance of preparedness cannot be overstated. For condominiums, HOAs, co-ops, and more, ensuring the safety of residents and property is paramount. 

This is where BuildingLink comes into play, offering a suite of tools designed to keep everyone informed and prepared during significant weather events.

Overview of the 2024 Hurricane Season

The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30, is expected to be particularly intense. According to an early forecast released by AccuWeather in March 2024, there could be between 20 and 25 named storms. This projection far exceeds the 30-year historical average, which includes 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. 

Of the anticipated storms, 8-12 are expected to reach hurricane strength, with four to seven of these potentially escalating to major hurricanes. Additionally, the forecast anticipates that four to six storms could make direct impacts on the U.S. coastline, underscoring the severity of the upcoming hurricane season.

Importance of Effective Communication

“During a hurricane, instant communication is key. With BuildingLink's GEO Staff App, property managers have the power of mobile connectivity at their fingertips—not just to send out messages, but to keep everyone informed and connected. It’s all about reliable access to crucial updates right when you need them, no matter where you are.” -Rick Worth, Account Executive

During a hurricane, timely and clear communication is crucial, and the stakes are high. BuildingLink provides several essential features that ensure all residents are well-informed and prepared. Effective communication via this platform can significantly reduce panic and ultimately ensure that every resident receives the information they need, when they need it most:

  • Email Blasts to Residents: Send urgent updates and preparedness tips directly to residents' inboxes. Use customizable templates to drive engagement and readability. 
  • Emergency Broadcasts: Utilize this feature to issue real-time alerts and instructions via SMS & Voice during critical times. As with BuildingLink’s email feature, you can target these based on occupant type, specific groups, or location. 
  • Announcements: Post regular updates to keep everyone informed before, during, and after the storm. Your messages will seamlessly appear on your property's public screens, the designated resident portal, and their mobile apps.

Preparedness Through Information

One of the key aspects of hurricane preparedness is ensuring that all necessary information is readily accessible to residents and staff. Relying on paper documents and handouts is insufficient and risky in such critical times. BuildingLink addresses this need effectively with its comprehensive Document Library - one centralized location for all critical documentation. This  is accessible via the portal or the resident app. Here are the crucial documents you should consider adding to the library:

  • Hurricane Guides: These guides should detail steps residents should take before, during, and after a hurricane to ensure their safety and the safety of their units.
  • Emergency & Evacuation Procedures: Clear and detailed instructions on evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and other critical procedures can be stored and quickly updated as needed. These documents are vital for ensuring everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Are you a co-op with an emergency response plan? Read our blog, Your Guide to Emergency Planning for Cooperative Housing, and be sure to check out our free template!

Maintenance and Post-Storm Recovery

After a hurricane, the focus shifts to recovery and dealing with the aftermath. BuildingLink offers robust maintenance tools to handle service requests and streamline the process, helping to restore normalcy as quickly as possible. This efficiency not only aids in restoring normalcy but also significantly reduces the disruption to residents' lives. By quickly assessing damages and coordinating repairs, BuildingLink ensures that residents can return to their daily routines with minimal delay, emphasizing their comfort and safety in the wake of the storm.

  • Storm-Related Service Requests: Residents can report damages directly through BuildingLink, which enables efficient tracking and management of repair works. This system ensures that no request is overlooked and helps prioritize repairs based on urgency and impact.
  • Repairs Following a Storm: The platform allows for the coordination of various repair efforts. It can also be used to communicate updates on repair statuses to residents, keeping everyone informed about the progress and expected completion times.

These features of BuildingLink not only help manage the property effectively during the hurricane season but also enhance the overall resilience of the community, ensuring a faster return to normal life after a storm. 

Partner with BuildingLink

Trusted by HOAs, co-ops, condominiums, and multifamily properties around the globe, BuildingLink helps property managers deliver superior resident experiences while streamlining maintenance and operations. We offer tools that will simplify your record-keeping and administration, communications, maintenance, and front desk staff operations.

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