5 Steps to Prepping for Your Holiday Community Event

Dec 6, 2023

The holiday season is a vibrant time for communities, filled with an array of festive and fun activities. For hardworking property managers, this can be an exciting opportunity to put on your party planning hat. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to ensure your holiday event is a hit in your community. Remember, these steps are flexible and can be adapted as needed. Additionally, we’ll provide insights on how BuildingLink’s software solutions can streamline this process, making your event planning smoother and more efficient this busy time of year!

1. Choose the perfect theme, date, and time

First, you’ll need to decide on your event. Will it be a cozy winter celebration, an exciting New Year’s bash, or a creative craft night? Pick an event that resonates with your community, as well as a suitable date and time that interested residents can make. To achieve this, consider using a survey tool to gauge resident availability and interest. This approach ensures maximum participation and enthusiasm!

2. Create a budget and list of needed event supplies

Next, you’ll want to create a budget and assess your event needs. You can start by assessing the scope of the event and estimating costs for key components such as food, entertainment, and supplies. Providing snacks and drinks can help residents feel more welcome and cared for, and decorations are key to creating a festive ambiance. Include items like lights, tablecloths, and props that align with your event’s theme. If you’re planning a craft night or something more involved, you’ll need to list out the appropriate supplies, such as scissors, glue, paper, paint, and brushes. And be sure you don’t forget essential items such as napkins, cups, plates, utensils, and trash bags!

3. Secure the Ideal Venue

Once your event is conceptualized, book the necessary space. If you plan on using an on-site amenity area, be sure to notify your residents that the space will be reserved. If you use a solution like BuildingLink’s Amenity Reservations, you can easily make that day and time unavailable for residents to book.

4. Staff the Event

Determine if additional staff is needed to help run your event for smooth operations and cleanup. Employee scheduling tools can be invaluable here, helping you manage staff availability and responsibilities efficiently. 

5. Promote the event

Let your hard work shine by seamlessly sharing event details with residents. Using BuildingLink’s Event Calendar, you can easily disseminate information about your event and offer an RSVP option for residents. This user-friendly feature allows residents to integrate the event into their personal calendars, such as Google, iCal, or Outlook, with just one click.

To further promote the event, consider sending out a designed email to your community. BuildingLink’s Email Templates & Distribution tool provides a variety of customizable templates that not only elevate the look and feel of your emails but also maximize engagement. With BuildingLink’s Announcement feature, you can also push event details onto your building's public screens, the designated resident portal, and their mobile apps. No need to worry about changing the displays after the event is over — our platform offers expiration settings.

6. Gather feedback

Did your residents have fun? Post-event, collect feedback to understand your residents’ experiences and preference. Here, you can use BuildingLink’s Survey feature again. This step is vital for improving future events and maintaining high community engagement. 

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