3 Free Communication Templates for Property Managers & HOAs

Jan 18, 2023

When you want to improve the resident experience in your community, good communication tools are essential. Though it’s smart to utilize the latest tools — like SMS broadcasting and resident web portals — email is still just as important. By having effective, efficient email communication, you’ll be more likely to have engaged residents which results in a safer, well-kept community.

We’ve created three property management email templates to help cover a wide range of topics, including everything from preventative maintenance to community safety tips.

1. Welcome Email

New residents should be welcomed and provided with all the information they need about the community when they move in. Send a prompt email to deliver any important information about the building. Include details such as community events, amenity space details, parking permit applications, HOA committee member contact info, how to set up their resident portal in your CRM, etc.

For an example, check out this property management email template:

Hello [Name of Resident],

Welcome to [Name of Property]! We want to ensure you have all of the information you need for a smooth transition throughout your move.

Below you’ll find some useful details about your new home, neighbors, and HOA board.

1. Community Events
Our amenity spaces include access to [amenity name]. Residents utilize this space for things like [examples]. You are welcome to reserve this space at any time, all we ask is that you book online via our portal. Please keep in mind the space tends to book up [time] in advance. 

2. Meet our team
We would like to introduce you to the staff and board members at [Name of Property]. 

Meet [Team Member Name] - [Role]

[2-3 sentences on the role they serve in helping improve the resident experience.]

3. Resident portal access
Our resident portal allows you to [list features of your resident portal.] You’ll find a separate email with an invitation and credentials to the portal. You can contact [email address] if you have any issues.

Welcome to [property name] community. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Thank you,

2. Maintenance Tips Email

Many property managers have a hard time staying on top of maintenance issues. But sending an email full of maintenance tips is certainly an effective way to minimize the amount of potential issues. These types of emails empower and educate residents so they can help prevent basic maintenance issues.

Dear [Resident Name],

As a valued resident of [property name], we know you’re doing your part to care for our beautiful community.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips to help prevent issues and keep your unit clean and comfortable:

  • Report issues right away. If you have major issues like flooding or broken AC units, please contact us immediately so we can help prevent further damage.

  • Help prevent pests. Do your part to help prevent pests by sealing all food in airtight containers, sweeping and vacuuming regularly, and covering the garbage with a tight lid.

  • Avoid putting food in the disposal. Keep your disposal clear by scraping food scraps into the garbage can as often as possible. Avoid putting grease, oil, egg shells, and vegetable peels in the disposal.

  • Clean up spills right away. If you notice any leaks or spills, clean up the liquid right away to avoid water damage.

  • Keep appliances clean. It’s important to regularly clean your dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave to ensure they continue to work properly.

  • Avoid excessive moisture. Excessive moisture can cause mildew and mold to develop. Keep things dry by running the bathroom fan every time you shower, and make sure to close windows when it rains or snows.

Thank you for all of your efforts to ensure [community name] continues to be a safe, clean, welcoming place to live!


3. Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

Crime is prevalent in urban areas, and therefore’s it’s pertinent to encourage your community to stay safe with crime prevention and safety tips. Empower residents to help keep their personal property, and the community, safe with this template.

Dear [Resident Name],

[SUMMER VACATION/SPECIFIC HOLIDAY] is right around the corner. As much as this is a time for fun and excitement, it is also a season that calls for increased vigilance when it comes to crime prevention. To protect yourself and your loved ones, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not leave valuables unattended in the lobby, hallways, or in your personal vehicle.

  • Do not open or hold main doors for unknown persons.

  • Keep your unit door locked at all times, even if you're only stepping out for a moment.

  • Make sure windows and balcony doors are closed and properly secured at all times.

  • Do not display your name or address on your personal key ring or hide copies of your keys in obvious places.


  • Inform [MANAGEMENT/FRONT DESK STAFF] that your unit will be empty and for how long. (You can arrange for packages and mail to be collected and stored safely for you during this time.)

  • Turn off all appliances and lights before you leave.

  • Do not share or broadcast details of your travel plans with outside persons.

  • Do not share copies of keys. If you need to allow someone access to your unit while you're away, please submit a guest authorization through our online portal. This will allow [MANAGEMENT/STAFF] to share a secure copy of your key with your guest when they check in.

As always, the key to our happiness and safety is our community. If you see or hear anything suspicious, please notify [MANAGEMENT/STAFF] or, if necessary, call 911.
We hope you have a safe and happy [HOLIDAY/SUMMER VACATION]!


[Manager’s Name]

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