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4 Essential Tips to Enhance your Email Communication with Condominium Residents

Jan 18, 2024
As condominium property managers, the role you play in maintaining effective communication with unit owners is pivotal. From addressing...
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2024 Multifamily Property Management Trends: 4 Key Insights to Know

Jan 11, 2024
In this post, we share our trends and predictions for multifamily in the upcoming year, offering you a detailed view on the challenges and...
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Crafting an Effective EOY Resident Survey: A Guide for Multifamily Property Managers

Nov 16, 2023
As property managers, understanding the needs and opinions of your residents is crucial for creating an amazing resident experience....
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From Paper Pushing to Push Notifications: How to Automate Resident Communications

Nov 2, 2023
In an age of generative-AI and smart devices, property managers shouldn’t be left behind. However, many property managers today are still...
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4 Resident Communication Templates for Property Management Professionals

Jul 25, 2023
Property management is a challenging and rewarding job that can sometimes go unnoticed by residents, especially in certain circumstances,...
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How Property Managers Can Build an Effective Social Media Presence, Part 2: The How

Jul 18, 2023
As we shared in Part 1 of this blog series, building an active social media presence is a powerful way to build trust, reach new prospects,...
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How Property Managers Can Build an Effective Social Media Presence, Part 1: The Why

Jul 11, 2023
For property managers, building a social media presence may seem like a novel concept. However, crafting and maintaining an active social...
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Employee Spotlight: Avery Mohseni on Building Solutions for Customer Success

Jun 27, 2023
Welcome to our new Employee Spotlight blog series! In this series, we’ll shine a light on the individuals who make BuildingLink truly...
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Four Tips for Effective Property Management Communication

Mar 8, 2023
Effectively communicating with residents is an essential part of creating an amazing resident experience. Whether you’re communicating...
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The Pocket Guide to Efficient Property Management

Mar 8, 2023
As a property manager or member of an HOA, you likely value keeping your property in top condition while also keeping costs down. Whether...
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3 Free Communication Templates for Property Managers & HOAs

Jan 18, 2023
When you want to improve the resident experience in your community, good communication tools are essential. Though it’s smart to utilize...
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7 Ways to Improve Resident Communication with SMS Broadcasting

Nov 30, 2022
If you need to reach out to more than one person in your building, having the right resident communication app can make your job much...
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How to Use Digital Bulletin Boards to Communicate with Residents

Nov 30, 2022
The days of physical bulletin boards have passed. In fact, Forbes recently reported that Millennials don’t respond to printed ads. Known as...
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