Employee Spotlight: Rick Worth’s Journey to Sales Excellence at BuildingLink

Feb 8, 2024

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of BuildingLink, where we bring exceptional software solutions to numerous communities around the globe. Today, we're thrilled to introduce Rick Worth, our top Account Executive of 2023. Join us as we delve into Rick's pivotal role at BuildingLink and the insights he’s gained as a seasoned sales professional in the proptech industry.

Rick’s Journey to BuildingLink

Rick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He moved to Orlando, Florida with his family to assist with their family franchise operations, a popular bagel deli chain. Following his time with that franchise, Rick jumped into the world of sales, selling everything from timeshare and insurance to coupon books and real estate. He began his career with BuildingLink in 2009 as our Florida sales associate. Since then, he has made a name for himself in our organization as a proptech trailblazer in the property management industry. 

The Strategy Behind Rick’s Sales Success at BuildingLink

Rick has excelled in his role throughout his years with BuildingLink, bringing top-notch software solutions to hundreds of residential properties in Florida. Last year, he earned the top Account Executive spot, personally helping more than 65 properties get onboarded to BuildingLink!

This outstanding achievement, however, isn’t just a testament to Rick’s exceptional sales skills. He attributes his success to the power of BuildingLink’s wide-array of useful tools, the talent and hard work of his teammates at BuildingLink, our dedicated customer experience team, our raving fans, and the invaluable references he has cultivated. 

For Rick, the essence of his sales strategy lies in cultivating strong connections with clients. He notes, “Customer relationships have been extremely important to my sales development and for the client base that BuildingLink has built over our 23 years in business.” His approach is rooted in patience, flexibility, positivity, active listening, and a commitment to continual learning. 

Proptech Evolution & Rick’s Vision for Florida

Throughout his impressive 14-year tenure in the proptech space, Rick has been a firsthand witness to the industry’s evolution. In the early days, Rick notes that there were “only a handful of solutions on the market.” He observes how this has changed drastically in recent years, with more and more companies attempting to get a “piece of the pie.” 

Rick highlights how the companies that have been able to stand the test of time are those that continue to grow and evolve. A case in point is BuildingLink with its impressive list of “Industry Firsts.” Rick proudly shares, “We were the first to offer a mobile app for the HP IPAQ before there were iPhones, first to include OCR technology to save time and increase package tracking efficiency, first property management system with emergency phone and text broadcasts, and a whole lot more!”

As he looks to the future, Rick is brimming with optimism, especially given Florida’s dynamic real estate market and continued growth. He believes BuildingLink will prosper in this varied market by offering adaptable, cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to different communities and management styles. He says, “Our system is designed to be dynamic and flexible to complement and enhance the operational needs of various types of communities and management styles.” As the industry continues to transform, Rick's experience and BuildingLink's pioneering spirit position them perfectly to continue to lead the way in leading the future of property technology across all markets.

Beyond BuildingLink: Rick’s Personal Passions

Outside the office, Rick's life is full of diverse interests and hobbies. A passionate music enthusiast, Rick is a regular at music venues, immersing himself in the vibrant music scene at least once a month. During his college years and beyond, he was an event promoter, specializing in coordinating underground dance parties and club events in and around Pittsburgh. Rick’s love for the outdoors is equally evident. He enjoys kayaking through Florida's picturesque spring-fed streams and rivers, indulging in fishing, and camping – though he admits he would like to go camping more often. Additionally, Rick's sports allegiance lies firmly with the Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, a nod to his roots in Wisconsin. 

Rick’s long tenure is not only a testament to his dedication but also reflects BuildingLink’s culture of caring for both its employees and customers. For those interested in enhancing their property management processes while elevating the resident experience, learn more about what BuildingLink has to offer.

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