Package Concierge Lockers: Pros and Cons for Your Property

Nov 30, 2022

When looking to increase efficiency, invest in solutions that help you manage multiple needs across your properties. Take an automated package locker system, for example.

Installing self-service package lockers on your property could help you meet multiple needs of residents and staff. This initiative would provide a secure and convenient way for residents to receive packages. A package locker system would also reduce the burden of managing or receiving packages and keeping common areas of your property organized for your front office or concierge staff, freeing them up to focus on more high-level tasks. 

While it may sound like a simple solution to enhance resident experience, look at the details to determine if certain investments are necessary at your property.

What is an Automated Package Locker System?

An automated package locker system is a unit installed on a multifamily property to help facilitate package deliveries. It can be accessed by all major carriers and can provide a secure way to receive and store packages for your residents.

An automated package locker system is most often a set of parcel lockers installed on your property. However, this feature can also encompass other package delivery and retrieval systems like a package room solution or a secure package storage area. Companies like Amazon, Parcel Pending, Package Concierge, Luxer One, and Snaile provide these systems.

Would Your Community Benefit From Package Locker Services?

It may have been feasible and taken only a few minutes for front office staff to receive packages for residents just a few years ago. With the explosion and convenience of online shopping, multifamily properties receive an average of 75 packages per day. With multiple carriers and delivery times to manage, package rooms can become a monumental task for your staff. 

Millennials make up the largest group to depend on online shopping, with Gen X close behind. If your community demographics skew toward those age groups, a package locker system will be an attractive enhancement to your community.  

Demographics aside, there are several additional benefits to including an automated package locker system on your property:

  • Reduces package thefts (more than 49 million Americans had a package stolen last year) with secure options for delivery.
  • Frees up concierge or desk staff to focus on higher priority tasks.
  • Increases convenience and connection with residents, without requiring ongoing efforts from your team.
  • Clutter control in main common areas.

How Do Package Locker Services Work?

Package lockers can be installed indoors or outdoors on your property, depending on your preference. When choosing a location to install, look for a convenient place for residents and carriers to access. 

Residents can order a parcel to be delivered to their home address, so the delivery person will be able to leave it in a package locker at the community by selecting residents from a directory and leaving items in a designated compartment. 

Your residents will automatically receive a code they can scan or a pin they can enter on the digital screen. A door will open so they can retrieve their package. All of this is accomplished with little-to-no effort, time, or management from your on-site teams.

Package Concierge Cost

Package Concierge has a series of three automated package locker systems for multifamily properties: Element, Premier, and Express. Each comes with different configuration options to best fit the needs of your property.

A Package Concierge system will cost around $20,000 to install, with the price going up the more lockers you add. There is an additional monthly service fee, though you will have to contact Package Concierge to get an accurate cost estimate.  

Though many Package Concierge reviews are positive, there are reviews of residents feeling frustrated with technological glitches preventing them from picking up their packages. Management can configure settings so if packages are left longer than the designated time allowed, a daily fee is assessed to the resident. This has also caused negative reviews from residents, though may be deemed a necessary operational tool to prevent overflow from lockers. Keep this in mind as you evaluate if an automated package locker system will benefit your residents.

Other package locker systems for multifamily residences have similar starting price points. Luxer One can cost anywhere from $6,000-$20,000 and other solutions, like Snaile, have a monthly subscription charge of $30-$90 per month.

Improving Your Property Beyond Package Locker Services

Whatever you decide will work best for your property in terms of package delivery and pickup, taking the time to research ways to enhance residents’ experience will always benefit you as a property manager. If you do decide to invest in package lockers, have a solid messaging plan in place to ensure you can help residents smoothly navigate the new delivery and pickup system for their packages.  

Of course, a package locker system is just one more way to improve your community, provide a better residential experience, and streamline property operations. For enhancing your property beyond package management solutions, start with a solid foundation only BuildingLink can provide. 

Designed to meet multiple property management needs, BuildingLink is a digital solution for transforming how you manage your properties that directly integrates with Package Concierge, Luxer One, and Snaile. Within a single platform, you can provide your staff with an all-in-one solution that's tailored to their needs to simplify their work, especially when managing package deliveries; all the while adding value to your communities and the residential experience you strive to deliver.

To get started, schedule a time to talk with one of our experts to see how you can take the next step to a more intuitive property management solution.

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