Speed Up Your Holiday Package Intake by 80% with ImageR

Dec 21, 2022

Twinkling lights, snowy nights, and trees adorned with festive ornaments and ribbons of yellow and gold. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means only one thing for your front office staff: the holiday package invasion is here! Logging packages can take a long time. With all of Santa’s deliveries piling up, this can distract your team from providing your residents with the service they deserve.

When you’re ready to speed things up, ImageR is here to help. Our revolutionary smartphone-based and AI-powered package scanning function reduces the average time to enter packages from nearly one minute to less than eight seconds. With ImageR, your team will fly through delivery processing like Rudolph the night before Christmas. More than 3,600 properties worldwide are now processing about 800,000 packages a month with ImageR, and it can help make your front office operations far more efficient year-round as well.

How ImageR Works

Utilizing Image Recognition, AI, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), ImageR turns any smartphone into a package processing powerhouse. Paired with BuildingLink’s GEO app (our iOS and Android app for management), any phone with a working camera can read labels, scan barcodes, and match resident names to packages. Beyond reading package information, it:

  • Determines the correct recipient
  • Matches the name in your building’s database
  • Confirms the unit number
  • Captures the correct event type (including the name of the delivery company)
  • Notifies the resident that the package has arrived

Meanwhile, residents can set their package notification preferences in their BuildingLink profiles and staff can send automated reminders when deliveries have been left an amount of time that you can customize. Our platform allows you to offer contactless pickup as well, a safe alternative to residents having to sign for packages.

How ImageR Helps Front Desk Teams Succeed

ImageR reduces the time to process packages by 80%, but its benefits go far beyond efficiency. Given its ease of use and direct integration into the BuildingLink database, ImageR lessens the likelihood of manual errors and missing packages. It can also be used anywhere, meaning your team no longer needs to be tied to a computer when they’re processing packages. With its automatic delivery notifications, your residents won’t have to wonder if their package has arrived.

ImageR Users Guide

If you already have the BuildingLink GEO app, you can access ImageR from the home screen. Tap the ImageR icon and your camera will open within the app, then point it at the shipping label and wait for the two-tone beep that plays only when you’ve logged the package successfully. Press save and you’ll be well on your way to processing the next delivery.

Our helpful video can also walk you through how to use ImageR.


Improved workflows, happier residents and staff, and a reduction in avoidable errors

With our smartphone-powered package processing solution, all this is no longer a Christmas wish list; it's a reality. If you are looking to provide an enhanced resident experience while improving your front-desk operations, contact BuildingLink today to schedule a demo.  



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