7 Ways to Prepare for Fall: A Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers

Sep 14, 2023

Apple picking, relaxing around a bonfire, drinking as much pumpkin spice beverages as you want —these are just a few of the fun pleasures that the fall has to offer! However, the season is also an important time for property managers to make sure their communities are well-maintained and prepared for colder weather. 

That’s why we’re sharing our essential checklist for fall maintenance tasks. Get a head start on keeping your property in top shape and give your residents and homeowners another thing to enjoy this season!

1. Clean and Close Swimming Pools

If your property has a pool, September and October are good times to close (depending on where you live). Ideally, you want to close your pool at a time where it's still warm enough to be outside but the temperatures haven’t dropped significantly. Just be sure to close your pool in advance of freezing temperatures since they can do serious damage to pool components.  

2. Prepare for Precipitation

Whether sleet, hail, frozen rain, or snow comes your way this winter, there’s nothing worse than finding out your equipment is broken before a storm! Audit your current equipment and identify whether there are any you need to fix or parts to replace. If you use a snow removal service, review your contract with them and check that it’s active. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of salt on hand for sleet and freezing rain, and enough heavy-duty mats to absorb all of the water, mud, and salt that your residents and homeowners might track through. 

3. Clean Your Gutters

Over the last year, your property’s gutters have likely become filled with leaves and various debris. Now is the time to clean them! Clogged cutters can trap water from melting snow at the edge of the roof, and when the temperature drops, this water turns to ice, forming an ice dam. The ice and water can then leak into small cracks in the roof, causing water damage under roofs and within the walls. 

4. Inspect and Maintain Outdoor Areas

Check your property’s outdoor areas for any dead trees or branches. If they’re encroaching too close to your building, consider removing them to avoid potential damage if they fall during a storm. In addition, if you have any outdoor furniture that can’t withstand harsh weather conditions or isn’t used during this time of year, consider bringing them inside or covering them to avoid damage or the hassle of cleaning them. 

5. Check and Maintain Roofs

Checking the roof during the fall is essential for identifying potential issues that could lead to serious problems in the winter months. As temperatures drop and weather conditions become more severe, any existing vulnerabilities can grow into real problems.  Property managers should inspect the roof for loose or missing shingles and schedule repairs as necessary. Also look for cracks in the flashing, examine seals, and ensure all ventilation systems are in proper working order. 

6. Perform Pest Prevention

Cooler temperatures can drive many rodents and insects to seek shelter indoors. To avoid infestations this fall, there are a few precautions to take. First, look for possible entry points such as cracks and holes that pests could use to enter the building, and seal them as necessary. You’ll also want to clear any debris or dead leaves near your building, as they can provide hiding spots for pests. On top of these tasks, property managers should ensure year-round that garbage bins are sealed and regularly emptied and that common areas are kept clean. 

7. Update Emergency Preparedness Plans

As with every new season, property managers should review and update emergency preparedness plans, including evacuation procedures and contact information for emergency services.

By taking these proactive steps in the fall, property managers can ensure that their properties are well-prepared for the changes and challenges of the coming winter months.

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