Employee Spotlight: Mary’s Journey in Empowering People and Culture

Jun 13, 2024

At BuildingLink, every team member plays a vital role, but those in People Operations hold a special place as they support and uplift the entire organization. This month, our Employee Spotlight shines on Mary, a People Operations Generalist who brings a blend of passion, dedication, and innovation to her role. We sat down with Mary to learn more about her journey at BuildingLink and her commitment to enhancing our workplace.

Championing Employee Support and Culture Everyday

Mary’s daily responsibilities as BuildingLink’s People Operations Generalist are pivotal in shaping the workplace culture and ensuring that every employee feels supported and valued. “My main function and responsibility is to show up for our employees and company,” she shares. This commitment involves more than just addressing issues as they arise; it's about proactively supporting managers, resolving conflicts, and facilitating collaboration across departments. Mary's approach is guided by her personal philosophy: “I strongly believe in the campsite rule but for people—leave people better than how you found them.” This mindset ensures that every interaction with her not only resolves immediate concerns but also contributes to the individual's growth.

At BuildingLink, the culture is directly influenced by the enthusiasm and drive of its people, reflecting the unique contributions of each employee. "We are a small but mighty group of very passionate and driven people," Mary observes. Another crucial component of the culture is the company value that resonates deeply with Mary—”Act Deliberately.” She explains, "This value emphasizes the significance of purposeful action and accountability, connecting with our 'why' not only provides clarity and motivation but also instills a sense of responsibility for our decisions and their impact." This principle guides the BuildingLink team in making informed, thoughtful decisions that not only affect immediate responsibilities but also the greater mission of the company to provide a gold standard of service.

Overcoming Challenges and Driving Growth at BuildingLink

At BuildingLink, one of the initial challenges Mary faced was operating within a lean team, composed solely of herself and her colleague, Kaitria. Despite these limitations, they developed effective strategies to manage their workload and maintain productivity. "We prioritize tasks, communicate effectively, optimize resources, and remain adaptable and flexible," Mary explains. This approach not only allowed them to handle their daily responsibilities efficiently but also to take on larger projects that have had a lasting impact on the company.

One such project was the optimization of BuildingLink’s employee recognition system, Nectar. This platform has become a cornerstone for reinforcing the company’s values and enhancing team cohesion by allowing public acknowledgment of individual contributions. "Public acknowledgment strengthens interpersonal relationships and fosters collaboration," Mary notes, underscoring the system's role in building a supportive workplace culture.

Another major achievement in Mary's tenure was the expansion of employee benefits, significantly enhancing offerings like Disability and Life Insurance. This initiative not only provided immediate advantages to employees but also equipped the People Operations team with critical skills for managing complex systems and navigating new platforms effectively.

Looking Ahead with Optimism and Commitment

Mary is enthusiastic about BuildingLink’s future and her role in it. She’s grateful to work closely with the Executive Leadership Team. “The team actively seeks my thoughts and perspectives, which has not only enhanced collaboration but also contributed to positive outcomes and decisions within the organization,” she shares. By sharing feedback and providing insights, Mary helps ensure that executive decisions reflect the needs and well-being of the entire workforce, fostering a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect. “I am looking forward to seeing BuildingLink continue to succeed and I am committed to supporting our people who play a vital role in driving the company forward,” she states. 

Outside of work, Mary shares that she tries to “chase peace and tranquility” in everything she does. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a fishing trip, or trying new food, her life outside BuildingLink is filled with refreshing outdoor activities and her dog, Prince, is always by her side!

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