Employee Spotlight: Ryan Richardson on Customer Support and Implementation at BuildingLink

Mar 7, 2024

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of BuildingLink, where we transform exceptional customer experiences from vision to reality every day. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on Ryan Richardson, our Implementation Lead who has been a critical part of our team for seven years!

From Support to Implementation Lead: A Journey of Growth

Starting at BuildingLink in 2017, Ryan’s career is a testament to his adaptability and commitment to growth. Initially joining the team in a support role, Ryan quickly demonstrated his versatility and leadership potential, evolving through positions such as Training Coach, and ultimately rising to his current position as Implementation Lead. “Professionally I’ve grown just from saying ‘yes’ to whatever came my way,” Ryan says, “which led me to take on new roles and responsibilities, and ultimately get to know our product on different levels.”

As Implementation Lead, Ryan is at the forefront of shaping BuildingLink's approach to product usability and customer adoption—an area where many proptech companies struggle. He oversees the Implementation Consultants as well as the Data, Site Creation, and Integration Team, placing a strong emphasis on leveraging internal feedback to refine and enhance operational procedures, making it a priority to improve the customer onboarding experience. 

“I’ve been working in customer-service related roles since 1999,” Ryan shares, “back when it was phone calls and logging information on whatever basic program they were using. Now there are even more effective ways we can not only communicate with customers but also help them,” he adds. “Our team takes pride in meeting our customers where they’re at—whether they prefer support by phone, email, or need help in a different language.” By improving the way BuildingLink supports its customers from the outset, Ryan has led the way in streamlining daily operations and upholding BuildingLink’s gold standard of service.

Joining BuildingLink: A Personal Connection

Ryan’s journey to BuildingLink began long before he ever considered a position at the company, when he moved from Arizona to New York in 2006. “The building I lived in for 15 years actually used BuildingLink,” Ryan says. “So I had the resident experience of using the system and was already familiar with different aspects of it, like the Event Log from receiving notifications, to Front Desk Instructions when we’d have a cat-sitter, to emails I’d receive from the management team!”

When Ryan came for his interview, he didn’t know it would become one of his most memorable experiences BuildingLink. He met with Ben Price and Pam Ross, and coincidentally, it was Heaven Nikitenko’s birthday. The interview turned into a celebratory lunch with Ben, Jalyn Gould, Heaven, Amanda Rodabaugh, and more—all of whom are still at BuildingLink and have tenures ranging from 8 to 14 years! Ryan notes, “It’s almost hard to believe that all those people are still here. BuildingLink truly has a knack for not only attracting but retaining top talent. That lunch was such a fun experience that I’ll never forget it.”

From embracing new technologies to exploring new books, movies, shows, and music, Ryan emphasizes how much BuildingLink’s “Strength in Unity” value resonates with him. “Personally I’ve learned so much from my co-workers and still do on an almost daily basis,” he says. “Everyone is looking out for one another. For example, if someone on my team needs help with a customer, or a project, or to be covered in some capacity, there is no hesitation whatsoever and the team is always there to lift that person up.” 

In his humble opinion, Ryan shares that this is what helps keep BuildingLink going: “The sharing of new ideas, the inter-departmental discussions, the appreciation of change, the respect we have for one another, and so forth. We’re all collaborating to pioneer proptech and innovate together. This is more than just a company to me. It’s a family.”

Evolving Customer Support: The Key to Successful Product Innovation

Since working with property management software back in 2006, Ryan has observed a significant trend: most programs are designed with a singular focus, aiming to fulfill a specific need. However, he notes, “There is nothing that compares to the sheer scope of what BuildingLink can offer. It encompasses so many features within a single platform, which explains why it has remained a leader in the industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future."

Ryan also expresses enthusiasm for the future, displaying his commitment to enhancing customer support alongside product innovation. “I’m excited about changes we are working towards in assisting our customers, streamlining our processes, and getting to know people on a personal level here a lot more!” This dedication to improving support is crucial, as it ensures that customers adopt and successfully use the product. 

Outside the office, Ryan balances his life as a husband, father to two girls, and proud cat dad, with hobbies that include songwriting, playing music, and watching documentaries.

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