How to Create an Effective HOA Open Meeting Agenda

Mar 19, 2024

In the world of HOAs, the significance of board meetings can’t be overstated. These regularly recurring meetings lay the foundation for how the entire community runs. From voicing concerns to setting the budget, it’s not uncommon for these meetings to run long or get sidetracked. 

In this post, we share everything you need to know about creating an effective agenda so your HOA meeting stays focused. 

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What is a meeting agenda?

An HOA meeting agenda serves as a roadmap for Board discussion and decision-making, outlining topics to be covered and allocating time for each item. A typical HOA meeting agenda may include discussions regarding the financial health of the association, maintenance, capital improvement projects, and community policies.

Why is creating a meeting agenda crucial?

“It's the law! Most states and provinces have specific legislation setting forth how and where meeting agendas are to be posted for their members (most often defined as owners or shareholders in a community), and how far in advance of a meeting an agenda must be posted. It's also simply a best practice, and allows both Board Members and residents in the community to understand what will be discussed in an upcoming Board Meeting.” - Alexandria Pollock, BuildingLink Regional Account Executive

An HOA meeting agenda is more than just a list of discussion points—it’s a tool for strategic planning and community engagement. It ensures all relevant topics are addressed, facilitates preparation among members, and promotes transparency within the community. Recognizing the value of everyone’s time, an effective agenda creates a seamless resident experience where every meeting is meaningful and productive.

How to Create an Effective Meeting Agenda

“Community Managers should spend time reviewing their minutes and agenda from the last Board of Directors Meeting, in conjunction with their list of ongoing projects (known commonly as an ‘Action List’), to help prepare an agenda for an upcoming Board Meeting. Work with the Board Chair/President to review ongoing business in the community and set the agenda well in advance of a Board Meeting.” - Alexandria Pollock, BuildingLink Regional Account Executive

Here are the steps to creating an effective HOA meeting agenda:

  1. Define clear objectives: Start by clarifying the purpose of the meeting, whether that’s addressing community issues, reviewing financial reports, or planning community events. Each agenda item should align with the community’s broader goals.
  2. Prioritize the topics: Arrange the agenda items by urgency and relevance. Begin with matters requiring immediate attention, followed by ongoing projects and future initiatives. This will help maintain focus and ensure critical issues are addressed.
  3. Allocate time wisely: Assign realistic time slots to each agenda item to keep discussions focused and on-time. This will help ensure all topics receive due attention and that the meeting finishes on time.
  4. Keep materials concise: Provide only the essential documents and reports needed for discussion. Overloading participants with more information can be overwhelming, so include summaries of key points if needed.
  5. Distribute the agenda in advance: Share the agenda well in advance of the meeting, allowing members to prepare so they can have more informed discussions and efficient decision-making.
  6. Review and make adjustments: After each meeting, evaluate the effectiveness of the agenda. Did you get to all of your topics, or did you spend too much time on one area? Make changes based on what worked well and what didn’t.

By following these steps, you can create an effective HOA meeting agenda and prioritize what really matters, leading to more organized and actionable meetings. 

The Essential Elements of an HOA Meeting Agenda

To ensure the smooth operation of an HOA meeting and to cover all necessary bases, it’s crucial to include all key components into your agenda:

  • Opening Remarks: Set a welcoming tone and briefly outline the meeting’s objectives.
  • Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: Ensure accuracy and accountability by reviewing and approving the minutes from the last meeting.
  • Financial Report: Discuss the HOA's financial health, including balance sheet reports, income statements, delinquencies, expenditures, investments, and upcoming financial obligations.
  • Committee Reports: Update on the activities and findings of various committees, such as landscaping and events planning.
  • Old and New Business: Address ongoing projects and introduce new proposals or issues for consideration.
  • Member Forum: Allow time for open discussion, where members can voice concerns, suggestions, or questions.
  • Adjournment: Confirm the date and time for the next meeting and officially close the current session.

HOA Meeting Agenda: A Template

Creating your first HOA meeting agenda can be a challenge, so here is a free template below that you can use to get started.


[Name of the HOA]




Call to Order
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Chairperson to officially start the meeting.
Roll Call 
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Secretary to conduct a roll call of board members.
  • Confirmation of quorum.
 Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Review and approve the minutes from the previous meeting.
  • Highlight key decisions and unresolved items.
Presentation of Reports
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Management reports on financials, architectural filings, etc.
  • Committee reports (events, landscaping, architectural, etc.).
Old/Unfinished Business
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Discussion and resolution of previously tabled or unresolved issues.
New Business
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Introduction and discussion of new items submitted for board consideration.
  • Proposals for community projects and initiatives.
Open Forum
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Open floor for community members to voice concerns and comments.
  • Time limit per speaker: 3-5 minutes.
  • [Time scheduled]
  • Official closure of the meeting. 
  • Announcement of the date and time for the next meeting.

How BuildingLink helps create effective HOA meetings

Creating agendas and running effective HOA meetings demands a high level of organization. However, property managers can easily simplify the process by leveraging the right property management platform.

Discover the innovative software solutions that BuildingLink has to offer:

  • Document Library: Store your governing documents, meeting minutes, and meeting agenda while facilitating easy and reliable access to all homeowners.
  • Event Calendar: Schedule your HOA meeting in advance and give all homeowners the chance to mark their calendars early.
  • Announcements: Send out reminders as the meeting approaches, driving more transparency and attendance. 

Successful HOA meetings are the key to building strong communities. By following our set of guidelines, you can craft agendas that lead to more productive meetings, bringing you one step closer to achieving the HOA’s goals.

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