Crafting an Effective EOY Resident Survey: A Guide for Multifamily Property Managers

Nov 16, 2023

As property managers, understanding the needs and opinions of your residents is crucial for creating an amazing resident experience. Conducting an End-of-Year (EOY) resident survey is an effective way to tap into these insights. By gathering feedback, you can make more informed decisions that enhance the overall community experience. 

In this post, we share everything you need to know about creating an effective EOY resident survey. 

The Purpose of EOY Surveys

EOY surveys are more than questionnaires. They’re a bridge connecting residents to property managers like you, concierge staff, and maintenance teams. These surveys allow you to:

  1. Gauge Resident Satisfaction: How do residents feel about various aspects of the community?
  2. Identify Areas for Improvement: What’s working well and what needs improvement?
  3. Foster Community Engagement: How are you showing residents that their opinions are valued and considered?

The Benefits of EOY Surveys

Powered by insights into the resident experience, there are numerous benefits for property managers to unlock:

  • More Informed Decision Making: Surveys provide data-driven insights that guide improvements and investments.
  • Enhanced Resident Satisfaction: Addressing concerns and making improvements based on feedback can go a long way in increasing resident satisfaction and retention.
  • Community Building: Surveys can help brainstorm ideas for community events or amenities that residents desire.

Survey Areas and Sample Questions

When designing your EOY survey, consider various areas to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the resident experience. Here are some key areas and sample questions:

Property Maintenance and Facilities
      1. On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with the quality and timeliness of maintenance services?
      2. How easy and efficient do you find the process of requesting maintenance services?
      3. How effectively does the leasing and management team communicate about ongoing or upcoming maintenance projects that may impact residents?
      4. What amenities would you like to see introduced or upgraded, and why?
      5. How user-friendly and efficient do you find the current amenity booking system?
Front Desk Operations
      1. How would you rate the efficiency and convenience of our package management process?
      2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the helpfulness and professionalism of our community concierge?
      3. How satisfied are you with our current parking management system?
Communication Services
      1. How effectively do we keep you informed about important updates, including guideline changes and community notices?
      2. Which of the following communication methods do you find most effective? (Options: Email, SMS/Voice Broadcasting, Announcements, Public Display, Event Calendar)
Community Engagement
      1. Did you participate in any community events this year? If so, which ones? If not, what prevented you from attending?
      2. How would you rate our efforts in promoting and organizing community events?
      3. What types of community events or activities would you be interested in for the future?
Overall Experience
    1. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with living in our community on a scale of 1-10?
    2. What specific improvements or changes would enhance your living experience here?

By asking these detailed and targeted questions, you can gather more nuanced feedback, enabling you to make more effective improvements.

Introducing BuildingLink’s Survey Solution

BuildingLink EOY Survey

While gathering this valuable feedback is essential, managing and analyzing it efficiently is just as crucial. This is where BuildingLink’s Survey feature comes into play.

BuildingLink simplifies the survey process for property managers, allowing you to gather feedback on a wide variety of topics, such as property amenities, events, communications, the front desk, maintenance, and more. 

  • Easy Creation and Distribution: Quickly set up surveys and notify residents through direct links on the resident portal.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: View individual responses or summary views and easily export data for in-depth analysis.

By leveraging BuildingLink, you can make the most out of your EOY surveys, ensuring that every resident’s voice is heard and valued. It’s not just about collecting feedback; it’s about building a community where every resident feels like they’re a part of a thriving community. 

Partner with BuildingLink

Trusted by HOAs, co-ops, condominiums, and multifamily properties around the globe, BuildingLink helps property managers deliver superior resident experiences while streamlining maintenance and operations. We offer tools that will simplify your record-keeping and administration, communications, maintenance, and front desk staff operations.

When you’re ready to run your community better, smarter, and faster, book your BuildingLink demo today.

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