5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays with BuildingLink

Nov 9, 2023

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it brings a unique set of challenges for property managers. Residents travel, guests come to visit, and a festive cheer fills the air. So how can property managers ensure they’re well-prepared to handle the holiday hustle and bustle? 

In this blog, we share five ways you can use BuildingLink to seamlessly glide through the holidays this year.

1. Welcoming Guests

Whether it’s family staying over or pet sitters stopping by while residents are away, managing guest access becomes paramount. Use BuildingLink’s Front Desk Instructions to equip your front desk with clear guidance on visitor permissions, ensuring a smooth check-in process. Instructions can be added by residents or staff, and typically include information regarding permission-to-enter details and vacation notices. Residents can even upload pictures of visitors so staff members can easily recognize them. To make sure that everyone has parking, use Parking Permits to manage and allocate permits for visitors, ensuring no confusion or hassle in the parking lot.

2. Decking the Halls with Digital Display

BuildingLink’s Public Display is a versatile tool that enhances communal spaces by providing a platform to convey important information and timely updates. Property managers can use this dynamic system to engage residents in high-traffic areas such as lobbies and elevators. The ability to frequently update the content ensures that the information stays relevant and keeps the community informed and connected. Promote holiday events or let residents know that they have packages ready for pickup—there’s even an Uber widget that lets residents see how long it takes to get to the holiday party!

3. Engaging the Community

The holidays offer a wonderful time to foster community spirit. Use BuildingLink’s Event Calendar to highlight and promote community events. Whether it’s a holiday party, charity drive, or New Year’s Eve celebration, you can keep residents informed and engaged with a shared event calendar. Even better, you can use BuildingLink’s Public Display to remind residents of upcoming events. 

4. Managing a High-Volume of Packages

One of the hallmarks of the holiday season is the flood of packages arriving for residents. This influx can pose challenges for the unprepared. The front desk faces heightened demand while property managers are responsible for maintaining peak operational efficiency. Fortunately, BuildingLink’s dedicated Staff App will help you process packages 80% faster than other package tracking solutions. This also reduces the workload of your front desk, drives faster package pickups, and keeps your mailrooms neat and tidy!

Learn more about our package solutions in Behind the Front Desk: How to Prepare for Package Season with BuildingLink.

5. Gathering Feedback for the New Year

As the year winds down, it’s a great time to gather feedback from residents on their experience through the year. The best property managers are always looking for opportunities to get better and provide a superior experience for their residents. Use BuildingLink’s Survey feature to send out an end-of-year survey. You can collect feedback on a wide variety of topics, such as property amenities, events, communications, the front desk, maintenance, and more. This information can then guide improvements for the upcoming year.

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