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As the industry’s most trusted property management software, BuildingLink helps property managers, developers, and condominium boards across the globe deliver a superior resident experience while streamlining maintenance and operations.

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Why Your Community Needs KeyLink: Top 5 Benefits for Onsite Teams

Jun 26, 2024
Managing a community is a complex operation that demands seamless living, staff accountability, and, for maintenance and front desk teams,...

BuildingLink: Your Partner in Prepping for the 2024 Hurricane Season

Jun 4, 2024
Hurricane season 2024 is here, and early predictions indicate it could be one of the most active in recent memory. With forecasters...
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Your Guide to Community Association Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2024
Every homeowners association, from co-ops and condominiums to townhomes and single-family HOAs, recognizes the pivotal practice of...

How to Maximize Trade Show Success: A Guide for Condominium Property Managers

Apr 18, 2024
Attending industry trade shows is crucial for condominium property managers seeking to stay informed on the latest trends, best practices,...
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How to Create an Effective HOA Open Meeting Agenda

Mar 19, 2024
In the world of HOAs, the significance of board meetings can’t be overstated. These regularly recurring meetings lay the foundation for how...
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Maximizing Property Management Efficiency with BuildingLink Payments Powered by Zego

Jan 25, 2024
We’re excited to discuss BuildingLink Payments Powered by Zego, an easy new way for residents to make payments. In the dynamic world of...
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4 Essential Tips to Enhance your Email Communication with Condominium Residents

Jan 18, 2024
As condominium property managers, the role you play in maintaining effective communication with unit owners is pivotal. From addressing...
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5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays with BuildingLink

Nov 9, 2023
As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it brings a unique set of challenges for property managers. Residents travel, guests come to...
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From Paper Pushing to Push Notifications: How to Automate Resident Communications

Nov 2, 2023
In an age of generative-AI and smart devices, property managers shouldn’t be left behind. However, many property managers today are still...
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Employee Spotlight: Gonzalo Villar on BuildingLink’s Engineering Evolution

Oct 26, 2023
Step behind the scenes of BuildingLink’s platform in this Employee Spotlight! In this edition, we are excited to introduce Gonzalo Villar,...
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5 Reasons to Celebrate Property Managers

Oct 13, 2023
Every time you admire the pristine common areas of an apartment community or a seamlessly run homeowners or condominium association, you’re...
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Behind the Front Desk: How to Prepare for Package Season with BuildingLink

Oct 5, 2023
As crisper air signals the beginning of autumn, another season is already on the horizon: package season! For those outside of the world...
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Employee Spotlight: Krista Flanigan on Transitioning from CX to Product Management

Sep 28, 2023
Welcome to our new Employee Spotlight blog series! In this series, we’ll shine a light on the individuals who make BuildingLink truly...
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4 Best Practices for Maintaining Your Fitness Center

Sep 21, 2023
Multifamily housing is becoming more competitive than ever, making it important to offer attractive amenities to set your property apart...
Maintenance Condo HOA Multifamily

7 Ways to Prepare for Fall: A Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers

Sep 14, 2023
Apple picking, relaxing around a bonfire, drinking as much pumpkin spice beverages as you want —these are just a few of the fun pleasures...
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Employee Spotlight: Lisa Carrington on Fusing Finance & Support for Property Management Software Solutions

Aug 31, 2023
Welcome to our new Employee Spotlight blog series! In this series, we’ll shine a light on the individuals who make BuildingLink truly...
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6 Easy Condominium & HOA Budgeting Tricks From An Industry Veteran

Aug 17, 2023
If you’re a member of the board for a condominium or Homeowners Association (HOA), you probably know better than anyone that August is a...
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6 Best Practices for Running Effective Annual Condominium and HOA Meetings

Aug 1, 2023
Condominium and Homeowner Association (HOA) annual board meetings are an essential component to fulfilling your duties as a member of the...
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4 Resident Communication Templates for Property Management Professionals

Jul 25, 2023
Property management is a challenging and rewarding job that can sometimes go unnoticed by residents, especially in certain circumstances,...
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Employee Spotlight: Avery Mohseni on Building Solutions for Customer Success

Jun 27, 2023
Welcome to our new Employee Spotlight blog series! In this series, we’ll shine a light on the individuals who make BuildingLink truly...
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How to Build a Strong Resident Culture in Four Steps

Jun 26, 2023
In our last blog, we delved into the benefits of building a strong resident culture, from attracting and retaining residents to creating a...
Resident Experience Condo HOA Multifamily

Four Benefits to Building a Strong Resident Culture

Jun 13, 2023
We all know that when it comes to our jobs, company culture is important. Successful organizations have learned how their culture can...
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BuildingLink's Core Values: The Foundations of Our Mission

Jun 5, 2023
Since our founding in 1999, BuildingLink has elevated the experience of working and living in residential communities by connecting...
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Five Strategies for Sustainable Living: BuildingLink's Role in Green Property Management

May 22, 2023
In an era where environmental awareness is increasingly important, green property management plays a crucial role. There's a growing trend...
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7 Quick Ways a Resident App Can Improve the Resident Experience

May 15, 2023
In today's digital age, more and more businesses are turning to mobile apps to fuel their business growth. From managing customer...
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3 Tips For Getting the Most out of a Property Management Conference

May 11, 2023
Property management conferences are valuable opportunities to grow your professional network, gain industry insights, and improve your...
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Six Ways the Right Property Management Software Can Improve Your Record-Keeping & Administration

Apr 5, 2023
Property managers are increasingly relying on software solutions to enhance their record-keeping and administration processes. By...
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Three Companies with Streamlined Property Management Operations

Mar 20, 2023
At BuildingLink, we understand how important it is to run efficient property management operations. Companies with smoother operations can...
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Four Tips for Effective Property Management Communication

Mar 8, 2023
Effectively communicating with residents is an essential part of creating an amazing resident experience. Whether you’re communicating...
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The Pocket Guide to Efficient Property Management

Mar 8, 2023
As a property manager or member of an HOA, you likely value keeping your property in top condition while also keeping costs down. Whether...
Operations Condo HOA Multifamily

7 Key Characteristics of the Best Property Management Software

Mar 8, 2023
From fielding resident questions and processing package deliveries to responding to maintenance requests and keeping your stakeholders...
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5 Ways to Simplify Property Maintenance with BuildingLink

Feb 15, 2023
Between overseeing your front desk operations and fielding resident questions, maintenance is key to successful property management. Your...
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15 Helpful Questions Your Residents Can Ask Amazon Alexa

Feb 9, 2023
Your residents have questions, and often the best way they can get answers is by calling your front office. As essential as this is for...
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How to Transition to a Cloud Based Property Management Solution

Feb 1, 2023
Whether you’re a property manager or a superintendent, you know that staying organized is key. When you aren’t answering resident questions...
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The Benefits of an Online Voting Service for Your HOA Board

Jan 25, 2023
The convenience and ease of running an online meeting ensures more people can participate — and reduces the costs for members and boards to...
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3 Free Communication Templates for Property Managers & HOAs

Jan 18, 2023
When you want to improve the resident experience in your community, good communication tools are essential. Though it’s smart to utilize...
Operations Condo HOA Multifamily

7 Signs You Need to Switch Your Property Management System

Jan 11, 2023
You may feel like you’re getting by with your current property management software system — but a closer look might tell a different story.
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Maintaining a Vendors List for Property Management

Jan 4, 2023
One important responsibility as a property manager is to keep your property in exceptional shape, and you can’t do that without trustworthy...
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5 Property Manager Tools for a Successful HOA Board

Dec 28, 2022
Making decisions about budgets, property updates, and covenants can be a lot for any HOA board to handle. When you don’t have the right...
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Speed Up Your Holiday Package Intake by 80% with ImageR

Dec 21, 2022
Twinkling lights, snowy nights, and trees adorned with festive ornaments and ribbons of yellow and gold. It’s beginning to look a lot like...
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Property Management: Software Strategies to Reduce Operational Costs

Dec 14, 2022
Property managers are always looking for strategies to reduce their operating costs, and one effective way to start is by implementing...
Operations Condo HOA Multifamily

16 Accounting Integrations to Drive More Value

Nov 30, 2022
Managing property requires significant time and effort — plus the right tools — to turn a healthy profit for your management company. It’s...
Operations Condo HOA Multifamily

HOA Duties & Top Tips for Board Member Transitions

Nov 30, 2022
Being a first-time homeowners association board member can be an exciting experience but comes with responsibilities. There are HOA duties,...
Resident Experience Condo HOA Multifamily

Package Concierge Lockers: Pros and Cons for Your Property

Nov 30, 2022
When looking to increase efficiency, invest in solutions that help you manage multiple needs across your properties. Take an automated...
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7 Ways to Improve Resident Communication with SMS Broadcasting

Nov 30, 2022
If you need to reach out to more than one person in your building, having the right resident communication app can make your job much...
Communications Condo HOA

How to Use Digital Bulletin Boards to Communicate with Residents

Nov 30, 2022
The days of physical bulletin boards have passed. In fact, Forbes recently reported that Millennials don’t respond to printed ads. Known as...
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Insurance Premiums Are Rising: What This Means for Property Managers

Nov 30, 2022
As a property manager, you’re juggling many responsibilities for the upkeep and operation of your building. While you know to prepare for...
Operations Condo HOA Multifamily

6 Items to Add to Your Property Management Budget

Nov 30, 2022
Creating a successful property management budget can be a challenge — especially in times of economic uncertainty. As you sit down to...
Maintenance Condo HOA Multifamily

Severe Weather Preparedness Tips for Residential Communities

Nov 30, 2022
As a property manager, your job is to actively keep your communities safe and running smoothly. A major part of this responsibility...
Resident Experience Condo HOA Multifamily

Property Management Tips to Keep Residents Happy & Boost Their Experience

Nov 23, 2022
In the past few years, the property management industry has gone through major changes resulting in trends that are shaping what residents...
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