How to Build a Strong Resident Culture in Four Steps

Jun 26, 2023

In our last blog, we delved into the benefits of building a strong resident culture, from attracting and retaining residents to creating a positive environment and improving resident satisfaction. 

Property management, however, comes with a unique set of challenges. Between juggling daily operational tasks, resident concerns, maintenance issues, and long-term strategic planning, it may seem unclear where to start when it comes to fostering a positive resident culture.

That’s why we’re sharing a few actionable steps to help you get started. Not only can this lead to happier and more satisfied residents, but it can also transform your property into a thriving community that stands out from your competitors. Here are four steps to kickstart your journey:

1. Define your Core Values

Core values define what is truly important to your community and are the driving force behind your resident culture. Think of your core values as the roots of a tree, while your resident culture is everything that can be seen above the ground. Your core values should actually mean something to you, since vague ones can come across as insincere. Remember that if your organization is implementing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) values, you can define your core values in line with the Social aspect. This means promoting fair practices in how your organization interacts and impacts individuals, groups, and the community at large, as well as considering topics such as inequality and community relations.

To see how BuildingLink’s core values have driven us forward for the past twenty years, check out our blog: BuildingLink's Core Values: The Foundations of Our Mission.

2. Encourage Resident Engagement

You can easily spot a positive resident culture when the residents feel comfortable interacting with each other and their surroundings. Encourage your residents to build connections with each other and the onsite management team by hosting social events (check out our ideas for the summer) and making it easy for residents to book shared building amenities. These are great, inclusive ways for residents to feel welcome and build positive relationships with the onsite team, helping make the property feel like home.

3. Communicate Regularly

Properties with open and transparent communication should effectively share information with residents and encourage collaborative communication. In doing so, you foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding between your management team and residents. This not only reduces interpersonal conflicts but also strengthens community ties.

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4. Enforce Guidelines

Protect your resident culture by enforcing your community guidelines. Following rules such as those regarding pets, noise levels, and the use of common areas helps residents understand what is expected of them as a great neighbor. This helps create a thriving environment where people can live and interact positively with their neighbors.


With a little bit of commitment, you can cultivate a flourishing resident culture and reap the rewards. By investing in the future of your property and the satisfaction of your residents, you’ll build a thriving residential community that loves and takes pride in where they live.

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