Employee Spotlight: Avery Mohseni on Building Solutions for Customer Success

Jun 27, 2023

Welcome to our new Employee Spotlight blog series! In this series, we’ll shine a light on the individuals who make BuildingLink truly extraordinary. Each post will focus on one team member, providing a closer look at the vital role they play within our company. 

Employee Spotlight Avery Mohseni

In this Employee Spotlight, we are delighted to introduce Avery Mohseni. Here at BuildingLink, Avery is currently the Manager of Customer Success. However, she will soon be taking on the new role of Solutions Engineer! Keep reading to learn more about Avery and what her new role means for the growth of BuildingLink. 

Wearing Many Hats: Avery's Journey with BuildingLink

Avery’s first experience with BuildingLink began as a customer while working with Four Seasons. Her inspiration to join BuildingLink as an employee stemmed from her experience with the platform’s innovative, high-customizable nature and her top-notch interactions with the team.

Coming up on her eight-year anniversary with BuildingLink, Avery has professionally grown leaps and bounds over her tenure. She has held many positions at the company, attributing her professional development to the opportunities and mentorship that BuildingLink has provided. Avery adds, “Lots of people I meet are shocked that I’ve stayed with the company for so long but because I’ve worked in so many areas of the company, it kept me energized!”

Driving Enhanced Customer Solutions: Avery's Favorite Moments at BuildingLink

Standing up the customer success team is a highlight in Avery’s career at BuildingLink. Despite many managers handling accounts informally before the team’s launch, Avery successfully aligned the team, leading them through best practices to retain and grow our loyal customer base. She shares, “Through this experience, we found creative ways to offer the best of BuildingLink to customers while having fun.”

Another recent favorite experience of Avery’s is attending the National Apartment Association conference this year (NAA). Several customers came up to Avery to thank her team for their dedication to providing exceptional service. She says, “Since most meetings are over Zoom these days, it was so rewarding to see our customers in person and share a joyful moment!”

Putting BuildingLink's Core Values into Action

One of BuildingLink’s core values is, “Operate with integrity.” This resonates strongly with Avery, who shares that this principle was initially instilled in the company by founder Jerry Kestenbaum. She also attributes it as the reason behind BuildingLink’s long-term customer relationships, stating, “I learned early on that the company is dedicated to doing the right thing and that’s why our customers stay with us for so long.”

Avery recalls a time during the pandemic when she saw this value, among others, in action. During this time, many of our clients suffered hardships adjusting to new restrictions. Avery spent countless hours working with property managers to configure individual property’s platforms to adhere to local laws as well as ensuring the residents had easy access to resources. “It was very rewarding to put all of our core values into action,” she says.

Shaping Innovative Solutions: A Bright Future for Avery And BuildingLink

Avery envisions a bright future for BuildingLink, and her new role as Solutions Engineer will undoubtedly make a huge impact. Her new responsibilities will include ramping up our Acquisition Sales team, assisting our Growth team with demos, and leveling up our entire Sales team’s demo success rate. She will also be helping with the feedback loop between Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Experience, as we are constantly seeking to deliver more value to our customers.

In closing, Avery emphasizes the fact that residents need more technology to access services conveniently, stay informed on community updates, and overall, enjoy more enriched lives. “It's exciting to be part of such an innovative company, and as the new Solutions Engineer, I look forward to helping the company grow into new markets and share new product offerings with our customer base!

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