Six Resident Event Ideas: Summer Edition

May 18, 2023

The summer season, with its long days and inviting weather, is the perfect time for property managers to organize resident events. These events not only foster a sense of community but also provide residents with opportunities to socialize, create lasting memories, and feel more at home. 

In this post, we explore fun summer event ideas designed to engage residents of all ages. These are just a few suggestions - remember, the key is to know your residents and plan events that will appeal to the majority. And once you’ve planned your events, consider using a tool like BuildingLink’s Event Calendar to share these fun activities with your residents and allow them to RSVP. 

Happy planning, and here’s to a fun summer season! 

1. Pool Parties

Pool parties are the quintessential summer event, and they’re a classic for a reason! If your property boasts a swimming pool, consider hosting a regular pool party. Add a twist by organizing themed parties like "Retro 80s" or “Beach Vibes.” Consider whether you need lifeguards on duty, and offer a variety of poolside snacks and drinks. For a family-friendly touch, inflatable pool toys are a must and can be used throughout the year.

2. Outdoor Movie Nights

A large lawn or courtyard can be transformed into an outdoor cinema. Arrange for a projector, speakers, a large screen or a white wall, and of course, popcorn. Provide comfortable seating or have your residents bring their own, and perhaps even partner with a local food truck for a more substantial meal. You can run a poll amongst residents to choose the movie. This event offers a great way for residents to enjoy a communal yet relaxed evening.

3. Cooking Contests or BBQs

Turn up the summer heat with a neighborhood BBQ or a cooking contest. This could be a traditional grill-off where the residents showcase their culinary skills by cooking the best burgers or ribs, or a potluck where everyone brings a favorite dish. Not only does this encourage interaction, but it also allows people to share and appreciate different cuisines.

4. Community Gardening

Encourage residents to embrace the green thumb with a community garden. With a couple of raised garden beds or planters, this could be a vegetable garden, a flower bed, or a mix of both. Gardening is a relaxing activity that also teaches kids about nature and responsibility. Plus, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the property.

5. Fitness Classes

Staying active is important, and outdoor fitness classes can make this process much more enjoyable. Yoga, Zumba, or boot camp classes can be organized in common outdoor areas such as an open field, rooftop area, or by the pool. You could even host a 'Fitness Challenge' over the summer, tracking progress towards specific goals and celebrating improvements.

6. Art Fairs

Hosting an outdoor art fair is a low-investment way to allow residents to showcase their creative skills. This could be painting, sculpture, photography, or any other form of art. Include activities for children, like sidewalk chalk drawing or simple craft workshops. It's a great way to promote local talent and encourage community engagement.

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