Six Ways the Right Property Management Software Can Improve Your Record-Keeping & Administration

Apr 5, 2023

Property managers are increasingly relying on software solutions to enhance their record-keeping and administration processes. By automating day-to-day tasks, property management software allows staff to focus on owners, residents, and business growth.

However, with countless options on the market, each boasting unique features and capabilities, it can be challenging to filter out the noise and determine which one truly meets their needs. The right software helps property managers and administrative staff manage occupant and building information efficiently, minimizing busy work and enabling a better building management experience.

That’s why we’re sharing six specific ways that the right property management software can help streamline the record-keeping and administration process.

Six Ways the Right Property Management Software Can Help Your Business

  1. Streamlined Resident & Unit Directory
    The right software provides instant access to all unit and occupant-related details and activities, including service requests, unit instructions, delivery information, parking permits, amenity reservations, and documents. Integrating with accounting systems ensures automated move in/outs and account information visibility.
  2. Simplified Vehicles & Parking Management
    Replace spreadsheets with software that manages resident vehicle details by unit, location, or license plate. Assign parking spots to units, track vehicle tags, and easily reassign parking spots to new tenants or owners.
  3. Efficient Amenity Reservations
    The ideal software enables you to manage amenity and facility reservations by resident and unit, create reservation policies for different amenity types, and offer multi-building shared reservation functionality. Residents should be able to book amenities via the website or app and pay for associated fees through the portal by credit card.
  4. Hassle-Free Employee Time & Attendance
    Track employee time and attendance effortlessly with biometric fingerprint authentication. Set employee schedules, monitor sick leave and PTO, run detailed reports, and export data for payroll.
  5. Seamless Payment Receiving
    A flexible payments solution should make it easy to collect fees for various services such as amenity reservations, unit cleaning, new FOBs, and filters. The system should be simple to set up and use.
  6. Comprehensive Analytics & Reports

    Operational transparency is essential in property management, so your software should provide access to reports and analytics for every captured activity and data point. Whether you need insights on maintenance issues, amenity usage trends, or incident reports, the information should be available in user-friendly graph and table formats. Export capabilities should also be included for analytics and reports.

Partner with BuildingLink

The right property management software can significantly improve record-keeping and administration processes for property managers, resulting in more efficient management, better user experiences for residents, and overall business growth.

Trusted by HOAs, co-ops, condominiums, and multifamily properties around the globe, BuildingLink helps property managers deliver superior resident experiences while streamlining maintenance and operations. We offer tools that will simplify your record-keeping and administration, communications, maintenance, and front desk and staff operations. 

When you’re ready to run your building better, smarter, and faster, book your BuildingLink demo today.

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