A Week in the Life of a BuildingLink Resident

Oct 19, 2023

Property managers, imagine offering your high-rise residents more than a stunning view. With BuildingLink, you can easily elevate their luxurious living experience to new heights by blending modern amenities with advanced technology and everyday convenience.

In this blog, we dive into a theoretical week in the life of Alex, a resident of a high-rise apartment community in a major metropolitan city. Let’s journey through a week together to see how BuildingLink integrates with her daily life to deliver a seamless living experience. 


Rise and shine—it’s the start to a new week! 

Alex feeds her adorable dog Charlie breakfast and makes a quick smoothie. As she cleans her blender, she sees that the sink is clogged. Without skipping a beat, she files a maintenance request via the BuildingLink app. After she checks her emails and finishes her smoothie, Alex heads to the community’s state-of-the-art spin studio for a workout class. When she gets there, she sees how packed the studio is and is grateful that she booked her spot last week through BuildingLink’s amenity reservations. As she finishes up her workout and stretches, she receives a Building Link notification on her phone providing an update on her maintenance request. All set for repair on Wednesday!


One of Alex’s favorite parts about living at this high-rise is its location. Her favorite coffee shop is on the way to her office downtown, and she’s excited to use her 5% discount that she gets for being a resident of her apartment community. As she heads out of the building for work, she waves to Michael, the always-smiling front desk concierge. While Alex is away at work, she receives a BuildingLink notification that a package has arrived for her. It’s a belated birthday gift from her parents, so she’s relieved it’ll be safe and sound until she returns home. Her last apartment building lacked a system for receiving and storing packages, resulting in one too many stolen and misplaced deliveries. 

Still at work, Alex double checks that her dog-walking instructions are accurate in the BuildingLink app since someone will be dropping by to take care of Charlie. Everything looks good, so she gets back to work and finishes out the rest of her day. 


On Wednesdays, Alex works remotely. This morning, she receives a reminder that the maintenance team will be at her apartment in the afternoon to fix her clogged sink. She needs to prepare for an important meeting, so she books a remote workspace via the Resident App. Needing to brainstorm with a colleague, Alex also secures a visitor parking permit, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience in the busy city. While she and her coworker plan for their meeting, she receives a BuildingLink notification that her sink has been fixed!


On her way out the building this morning, Alex notices a sign for a community Paint Night on the public display. She’s always wanted to try one of these events, so she excitedly RSVPs using BuildingLink’s event calendar. Alex explores the event calendar for more activities and RSVPs for a few other ones in the coming months. She then gets a notification about a new addition to the document library - with a click of a button, she’s easily able to see the latest apartment community newsletter.


The weekend is almost here! On her way to work, Alex notices an announcement about Tuesday’s elevator maintenance and makes a mental note not to walk Charlie during the repair time — a heads-up is always appreciated. While she’s at work, Alex decides she wants to cook a nice dinner but doesn’t have all the ingredients at home. She decides to schedule a grocery delivery and updates the instructions so Michael, the front desk concierge, calls her when the groceries arrive. Wrapping up her work day, Alex looks forward to relaxing and cherishes the ease of living in a community that prioritizes the resident experience.

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