7 Quick Ways a Resident App Can Improve the Resident Experience

May 15, 2023

In today's digital age, more and more businesses are turning to mobile apps to fuel their business growth. From managing customer relationships to facilitating payments, the opportunities for mobile apps are endless.  

Property managers are starting to pick up on these advantages and leverage technology to streamline their operations, improve communication, and enhance the overall experience for their residents. In particular, property managers are turning to branded resident apps, which can serve as a centralized platform for residents to access important information, receive communication, and much more.

Keep reading as we outline 7 ways you can implement a resident app to improve the resident experience.

1. Announcements

An announcements module is a simple yet effective way for residents to view the latest community notices. Whether a community event or upgraded amenities, residents should be able to view important announcements on the resident app. This ensures that residents are always up to date on vital information and can plan accordingly.

2. Amenity Reservations

Amenities play a crucial role in attracting and retaining residents by improving the overall living experience. Provide your residents with convenient online access to reserve property amenities and facilities, whether it’s community rooms, service elevators, BBQs, or luggage carts. 

3. Service & Maintenance Requests

Consumers continue to demand convenience, so it’s smart to provide residents with an easy way to make service and maintenance requests wherever and whenever they need them. Residents should easily be able to submit photos and enter instructions with their requests through a web portal or mobile app. Keep everyone in the know by providing status updates and completion notifications.

4. Community Information boards

Physical bulletin boards are out, and community information boards are in. Digital bulletin boards can be an effective way to allow residents to engage with one another to buy, sell, or rent goods and services, ask for recommendations, and more! You can let the board become what the community wants it to be, although your staff should have the ability to moderate resident posts before they go live as desired.

5. Event Calendar

An event calendar is a great way to build a sense of community and provide additional value by sharing important property events with residents. Get an accurate headcount for events by allowing residents to RSVP. 

6. Instructions & Notes

An instructions module can allow residents to post unit-related instructions from the web portal or mobile app. It’s a perfect tool for posting everything from permission to enter instructions for frequent visitors (e.g. housekeepers and dog walkers) or short-term visitors like contractors and service people.

For more details on these and other great mobile options, please visit us at buildinglink.io.

7. Social Networking

Neighborhood social networks have experienced explosive growth, highlighting the opportunity for property managers to offer their residents a way to connect with each other. 

With BuildingLink’s Neighbornet module, building community and connecting with other residents has never been easier! The Neighbornet module is “opt-in,” allowing residents to share select information about themselves and form lasting friendships.

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