How to Transition to a Cloud Based Property Management Solution

Feb 1, 2023

Whether you’re a property manager or a superintendent, you know that staying organized is key. When you aren’t answering resident questions and tracking maintenance requests, you’re sorting through the handwritten documents you need to create reports or manage the day-to-day operations of your property. If you’re using multiple software solutions or pen and paper to manage your property, you might find yourself constantly reacting to the day’s challenges instead of planning for the future.

Get yourself out from under the mountain of paperwork by transitioning to a cloud-based property management software like BuildingLink. This kind of solution enables you to consolidate all your information in one place that your entire team can access, leading to more efficient day-to-day operations and happier residents.

Making the switch may seem daunting, but it’s more straightforward than you think. Follow these easy steps to streamline operations and deliver a superior resident experience.

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Step 1: Digitize Your Existing Records

Imagine having all your records and operational tools consolidated into one platform that your entire team can access. Property managers like you know how beneficial this could be, but there are a few things you need to do before getting to this point.

Since most property management systems require digitized data, your first step is to create electronic versions of all your paper records. This task may seem formidable; after all, how can you take this on while still managing your property? We recommend focusing on the present and future, then accounting for the past later. A thorough audit of your records is key, which is why we suggest reviewing up to 25 years of historical data along with equipment, warranty, and such resident information as emergency contacts and any instructions that may now be out of date.

Even if your records are well organized, scanning and uploading all this information will take time. Working with a scanning company like Scan and Shred can simplify the process. Once all your records are converted into an electronic format, you will upload them to your property management solution of choice for cataloging into a digital library.

Make the switch to BuildingLink and we will help you cross the paper-to-digital divide by getting everything in place for a seamless transition. Consolidate and submit all your resident data in one of our approved spreadsheet formats and it will be uploaded in just 24 to 48 hours.

Why Digitizing Your Records Is Worth Your Time

If you feel like you’re juggling a million things at once or that you can never get ahead of the day-to-day, creating electronic versions of your documents so you can transition to a digital property management solution is well worth it. There’s no doubt that this can be tedious, but the benefits of doing so justify the investment of your time. Accessibility, along with efficiency and ease of use, is the main advantage here, not just for you but your entire management team and other stakeholders. Instead of manually searching through a filing cabinet or countless stacks of paper, run a simple search and find what you need within seconds.

Having all this data in one place is a helpful benefit that most property management solutions will provide. You can do so much more with BuildingLink. Your management and maintenance staff can monitor the status of maintenance requests, manage incident reports, track employee time, reserve amenities, make announcements directly to residents, and more. Our platform comes fully equipped with dozens of innovative and time-saving features that will make all your hard work pay off.

Step 2: Customize The Platform To Suit Your Needs

Ideally, your property management software of choice will allow some level of personalization depending on your property’s needs. With BuildingLink, this is a crucial step of our onboarding process. Once your files are uploaded, we send you a 10-minute survey that covers the essential information we need to know before we create your training plan. This includes whether your property’s front desk currently has a PC and internet connection and if there are other places you need or are planning on providing access to the BuildingLink system, like a package room or Super’s office. If you need such equipment as a signature pad for package pickups, webcams to capture visitors and contractors entering and leaving the building, or a barcode scanner, you can let us know in the survey. 

Our onboarding survey also allows you to specify your and your staff’s experience with BuildingLink, as well as who on your team will need separate Maintenance-level or Front Desk training. Your final step is to tell us what your top three objectives are with using BuildingLink, as well as who should have access to your property’s logbook, Incident Reports, tracked vehicles, and anything else we should know. Submit your survey and we’ll follow up to schedule your training sessions in a set-up call in which we’ll also review your priorities and the settings that are the best fit for you. 

Step 3: Training & Launch

You’ve created and uploaded electronic versions of all your resident and property records and customized the platform to suit your needs. Now your staff needs to learn how to use it. Any quality property management system will get your team up to speed before launch, and BuildingLink is no exception. Our implementation process is designed to work with your timeline, and it starts with individualized training for all staff based on the modules they will be using.

We don’t just support you in the pre-launch phase. Our experienced and professional staff are always on hand to provide best-in-class support as part of your annual subscription. Additionally, your team will have access to a comprehensive database full of module descriptions, screenshots, and videos. Whether it's customized training sessions or being available to answer questions, we are eager to provide industry-leading support to every user.

Switching from pen and paper (or multiple platforms) to an all-in-one property management software is a significant step toward making your daily operations far more efficient. When you’re ready to get started, we are here to help.

About BuildingLink

BuildingLink has provided industry-leading property management solutions for more than 20 years. Customized to suit your needs, our cloud-based software consolidates nearly all your management tasks into one place. Market leaders in innovation and support, BuildingLink empowers you to master your property’s operations by turning data into knowledge. 

Make the transition to the leading cloud-based property management solution today. Book your demo or contact our team to get started.

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