How to Maximize Trade Show Success: A Guide for Condominium Property Managers

Apr 18, 2024

Attending industry trade shows is crucial for condominium property managers seeking to stay informed on the latest trends, best practices, and innovative solutions. Yet, navigating these events can be overwhelming, from choosing educational sessions to connecting with key exhibitors like BuildingLink. This guide offers a concise roadmap for making the most out of these opportunities, ensuring property managers can clearly demonstrate the value of their attendance to their Boards.

How to Prepare for a Trade Show Ahead of Time

Proper preparation is key to maximizing your experience at any industry trade show. Here are essential steps to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared before the event:

  • Early Registration: Start with early registration to access discounted rates and better accommodation choices. This early commitment allows for more thorough planning and scheduling flexibility.
  • Budgeting: Develop a comprehensive budget covering all trade show-related expenses. Ensure alignment with your property's financial guidelines to validate the trade show investment and avoid unexpected costs.
  • Agenda Setting: Review the trade show agenda carefully. Prioritize sessions, workshops, and key exhibitor booths to align with your goals. For instance, if you’re struggling with managing your package deliveries, BuildingLink's booth is a must-visit! A well-thought-out agenda maximizes your time and ensures you don't miss important insights. 
  • Research: Conduct background research on speakers, vendors, and technology trends. This preparation enables more meaningful engagement and informed decision-making during the event.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Book demos and meetings ahead of the trade show. Securing slots with high-demand vendors, such as BuildingLink, ensures more personalized attention and productive discussions.

These streamlined steps equip you to navigate pre-trade show preparation efficiently, setting a solid foundation for a successful and beneficial event.

How to Maximize Your Success During a Trade Show

“Do your homework before stepping onto the show floor! Know which booths you want to visit and what questions you need answers to. Collecting tangible resources like case studies or product demos can significantly aid in your post-show evaluations and decision-making processes." -Nicholas Gill, Director of Sales Growth

Once the trade show is underway, it’s crucial to stay focused and strategic to make the most of your time. Here are effective strategies to ensure you gain maximum value from the event:

  • Networking Strategies: Trade shows are goldmines for networking. Start by setting clear objectives for the kinds of professionals you want to meet and prepare a brief introduction. Engage with speakers, exhibitors, and peers, exchanging contact information for future correspondence.
  • Booth Visits: Now that the trade show has begun, stick to your allocated time of booth visits and presentations. Have clear objectives and ask targeted questions to understand how their solutions can address your specific property management challenges. Collect brochures, case studies, or product demos for further review or to share internally.
  • Note-taking: Effective note-taking is crucial for capturing valuable insights, especially those worth sharing with the Board. Use a note-taking app or notebook to jot down key points, questions, and ideas during sessions and meetings. 
  • Social Media: Share takeaways, photos, or interesting quotes from sessions on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. This not only documents your journey but also allows you to engage with peers and thought leaders who might not be attending. Trade shows typically have a hashtag that attendees can use to join broader conversations and gain insights from different perspectives.

By implementing these strategies during the trade show, you can enhance your learning, expand your professional network, and bring back actionable insights to improve your property management practices.

How to Maximize Your Post-Trade Show Impact

After returning from the trade show, the real work begins. Here’s how to ensure that your trade show experience translates into tangible benefits for the Board and your community:

  • Reviewing Notes and Materials: First, organize your notes and collected materials by theme or relevance. Highlight key insights, recommended actions, and potential solutions for your property's specific challenges, such as streamlining operations, reaching quorum, or improving the community’s engagement. This preparation makes the subsequent steps more efficient and focused.
  • Vendor Follow-Up: Reach out to the vendors and contacts you met, especially those offering solutions of interest like in-depth demos. Prioritize follow-ups based on the urgency of your property’s needs and the potential impact of the solutions discussed. 
  • Implementation Plan: Develop a structured plan for integrating the strategies or insights that you identified as beneficial. Assign clear responsibilities, set realistic timelines, and establish measurable goals to monitor the progress and effectiveness of these implementations. 

By following these steps, you ensure that the time and resources invested in the trade show produce actionable results, driving improvements in your condominium management and demonstrating your value to the Board and residents.

How to Communicate Trade Show Value to the Board

When the Board has funded your trade show attendance, it's crucial to demonstrate the value of their investment. Here’s how to approach this important task:

  • Internal Debriefing: Arrange a meeting to present trade show takeaways, focusing on key learnings and potential solutions like those offered by BuildingLink. Demonstrate their relevance to your property’s needs. The presentation should be succinct yet detailed, allowing the board to grasp the scope and potential impact of your trade show experience.
  • ROI Explanation: Summarize the trade show costs against the benefits. Show how insights, networking, and potential solutions can lead to cost savings or operational improvements for the property.
  • Case Studies/Testimonials: Present case studies or testimonials that showcase the successful implementation of strategies or technologies encountered at the trade show. Emphasize results that align with your property's goals.
  • Future Recommendations: Offer recommendations for next steps, such as trialing new technologies or engaging further with certain vendors. Communicate that you have connected with some potential vendors to initiate the conversation. 

Communicating effectively with the board in this manner will not only showcase the immediate benefits of your attendance but also position you as a proactive manager committed to continuous improvement and strategic development for the condominium.

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